Canon patents granted on 18 November 2014

70 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 RE45,252 Image forming apparatus with change unit for changing temperature of fixing unit at time of actuating image forming unit
2 8,893,235 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing program thereof
3 8,893,161 Information processing system, information processing method and computer-readable storage medium
4 8,893,151 Apparatus for controlling job history recording settings in an image forming apparatus, and method and storage medium for controlling the same
5 8,892,932 Image forming apparatus and control apparatus
6 8,892,796 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
7 8,892,664 Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium
8 8,892,022 Image forming apparatus with a cleaning blade
9 8,892,003 Image forming apparatus
10 8,891,997 Power supply system for stopping and starting operation in accordance with input voltage and image forming apparatus including the same
11 8,891,993 Image forming apparatus capable of reducing a toner consumption amount by performing toner supply control
12 8,891,989 Image forming apparatus
13 8,891,987 Color image forming apparatus
14 8,891,986 Image forming apparatus
15 8,891,984 Color image forming apparatus
16 8,891,983 Image forming apparatus having waste developer control
17 8,891,981 Image forming apparatus capable of correcting image information
18 8,891,952 Image sensing apparatus, control method, and user interface display apparatus
19 8,891,951 Lens barrel and camera system capable of correcting tracking data and camera system
20 8,891,933 Playback apparatus and playback method
21 8,891,879 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
22 8,891,877 Data processing apparatus and control method thereof
23 8,891,833 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
24 8,891,823 Apparatus, control method, and storage medium for acquiring and storing position information in association with image data
25 8,891,819 Line-of-sight detection apparatus and method thereof
26 8,891,771 Communication apparatus, communication method, and computer program
27 8,891,665 Transmitting apparatus and communication system
28 8,891,621 Image coding apparatus and image coding method
29 8,891,180 Optical system, and image pickup apparatus having the same
30 8,891,174 Zoom lens and projector using the same
31 8,891,173 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus with the zoom lens
32 8,891,143 Sheet feeding device, image forming apparatus, and image scanning apparatus
33 8,891,137 Data communication system
34 8,891,132 Image processing apparatus for printing a copy forgery inhibited pattern using different values when in a color saving mode
35 8,891,129 Image forming apparatus having real-size preview function, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
36 8,891,124 Printing apparatus, data control method therein, and storage medium storing program
37 8,891,121 Information processing system for resetting of configuration data
38 8,891,107 Image forming apparatus, control method thereof and computer-readable storage medium
39 8,891,104 Secure printing from cloud print server by suspending print job with valid pin code and requesting user pin code when reacquiring job list
40 8,891,097 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and control method executing processing according to process definition file
41 8,891,092 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
42 8,891,080 Contaminate detection and substrate cleaning
43 8,891,077 Shack-Hartmann sensor and wavefront measuring method utilizing the same
44 8,891,062 Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
45 8,891,054 Stage device including a heat insulating sheet supported by an auxiliary member
46 8,891,005 Imaging apparatus
47 8,890,997 Automatic focusing apparatus and lens apparatus including the automatic focusing apparatus
48 8,890,994 Image capturing apparatus
49 8,890,988 Image pickup device, including gain-setting of pixel arrays, image pickup apparatus, control method, and program
50 8,890,973 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
51 8,890,972 Image capturing apparatus and image processing method
52 8,890,968 Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor with defect correction information used both for defective pixel and detection pixel identification
53 8,890,961 Image pickup apparatus with inclination guide display
54 8,890,498 Driving circuit to turn off switching element by voltage from voltage storage unit and converter including driving circuit
55 8,890,390 Vibration-wave driving device, two-dimensional driving apparatus, and image-shake correcting apparatus
56 8,890,331 Photoelectric conversion device, image pickup system and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
57 8,889,763 Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, and ink cartridge
58 8,889,332 Low-K dielectric functional imprinting materials
59 8,888,301 Foreign matter removal unit and optical apparatus having the same
60 8,888,293 Image projection apparatus having an insertable and extractable optical element
61 8,888,283 Aberration correction method and aberration correction apparatus
62 8,888,272 Ink jet recording apparatus
63 8,888,245 Liquid ejection head having protected orifice plate and method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
64 8,888,223 Ink jet printing apparatus and print head temperature control method
65 8,888,214 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
66 8,888,204 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
67 8,888,093 Position detection device for detecting sheet position, conveyance device, and image formation device with threshold determination unit
68 8,888,092 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
69 8,888,091 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
70 8,887,582 Piezoelectric vibration type force sensor and robot apparatus