Canon patents granted on 18 September 2007

44 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,272,796 Data processing apparatus, data processing method of data processing apparatus, and computer-readable memory medium storing program therin
2 7,272,793 Information processing device and method
3 7,272,784 Form processing method, form processing program, and form processing apparatus
4 7,272,641 Image information managing system
5 7,272,585 Operation circuit and operation control method thereof
6 7,272,352 Image forming apparatus with heating member control based on door opening state and heating member position
7 7,272,348 Developing method using a developer with a specified degree of compression and shearing stress
8 7,272,344 Image forming method capable of maintaining sustained stable cleaning performance without causing an image smearing phenomenon even with a high strength and high abrasion image bearing member
9 7,272,339 Process cartridge including first and second frames and separating member moving the second frame to a separated position and image forming apparatus detachably mounting the cartridge
10 7,272,331 Image forming apparatus
11 7,272,304 Image sensing device and control method thereof
12 7,272,290 Method for fabrication of optical element, and optical element having three-dimensional laminated structure
13 7,272,272 Optical deflector based on photonic bandgap structure
14 7,272,269 Image processing apparatus and method therefor
15 7,272,239 Information processing method and apparatus, and computer program and computer -readable storage medium
16 7,272,080 Recording apparatus
17 7,271,943 Micro-oscillating member, light-deflector, and image-forming apparatus
18 7,271,942 Multi-beam optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
19 7,271,928 Data communication apparatus, image server, control method, storage medium, and image system
20 7,271,926 Image printing apparatus, image printing system, image data processing method and memory medium
21 7,271,923 Image processing using processing by bands and fixed-size work buffer
22 7,271,882 Shape measuring apparatus, shape measuring method, and aligning method
23 7,271,875 Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
24 7,271,848 Information processing apparatus and method, and television signal receiving apparatus and method
25 7,271,846 Receiving apparatus
26 7,271,831 Image input apparatus and method
27 7,271,554 Motor-driving circuit and recording apparatus including the same
28 7,271,529 Electron emitting devices having metal-based film formed over an electro-conductive film element
29 7,271,510 Linear motor and exposure apparatus having the same
30 7,271,392 Image sensing apparatus and method using radiation
31 7,271,391 Radiographic imaging apparatus and system, method therefor, and program
32 7,271,371 Magnetic flux image heating apparatus with shaped heat rotation member
33 7,270,846 Color filter manufacturing method and apparatus, ink-jet device, color filter, display device, and apparatus having display device
34 7,270,795 Method for producing nano-carbon materials
35 7,270,759 Structure with through hole, production method thereof, and liquid discharge head
36 7,270,701 Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
37 7,270,409 Liquid applying apparatus and ink jet printing apparatus
38 7,270,398 Circuit board and liquid discharging apparatus
39 7,270,390 Data creating method and ink jet printing apparatus
40 7,270,389 Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
41 7,270,324 Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
42 7,270,271 Image forming apparatus, operation history storage method and control method, and storage medium
43 7,270,009 Diaphragm type pressure sensor
44 D551,231 Scanner