Canon patents granted on 19 August 2008

39 US patents granted on 19 August 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,415,572 File system, file recording method, and file reading method
2 7,415,536 Address query response method, program, and apparatus, and address notification method, program, and apparatus
3 7,415,416 Voice activated device
4 7,415,399 Design support program and design support method
5 7,415,287 Image apparatus
6 7,415,239 Conveying apparatus and recording apparatus having the same
7 7,415,232 Image forming apparatus including feature for reducing wrinkles in an intermediary transfer belt
8 7,415,230 Developing apparatus featuring an insulating or electrically floating jumping developer regulation member
9 7,415,226 Image formation apparatus and image formation method
10 7,415,200 Imaging device
11 7,415,157 Image pickup apparatus
12 7,415,141 Signature authentication device, signature authentication method, and computer program product
13 7,415,137 Image processing method, apparatus and storage medium
14 7,414,802 Lens apparatus and camera
15 7,414,791 Eye detection apparatus and image display apparatus
16 7,414,761 Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus
17 7,414,754 Color conversion matrix forming method, color conversion table forming method, and program
18 7,414,753 Color characterization using nonlinear regression
19 7,414,748 Image input/output apparatus, method of controlling image input/output apparatus, image input/output system, and storage media
20 7,414,667 Image sensing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and control method therefor for relaxing a red-eye effect
21 7,414,664 Image taking apparatus and lens apparatus
22 7,414,658 Imaging apparatus including monitor for displaying object image based on image data, method of controlling the same, and recording medium having recorded thereon computer-readable program code for controlling imaging apparatus
23 7,414,657 Image capture apparatus having display displaying correctly oriented images based on orientation of display, image display method of displaying correctly oriented images, and program
24 7,414,648 Camera and camera system capable of changing gain value and exposure time
25 7,414,631 Perceptual gamut mapping with multiple gamut shells
26 7,414,622 Display apparatus, and image signal processing apparatus and drive control apparatus for the same
27 7,414,596 Data conversion method and apparatus, and orientation measurement apparatus
28 7,414,240 Particle remover, exposure apparatus having the same, and device manufacturing method
29 7,414,231 Focus-state detecting device, image sensing apparatus and image sensing system having same and lens unit mounted thereon
30 7,413,840 Process for forming an electrophotographic photosensitive member with depressed portions by condensing a surface of a surface layer on which a coating liquid is present
31 7,413,818 Light-emitting device
32 7,413,792 Structure with oriented tubular pores
33 7,413,361 Recording apparatus and control method thereof
34 7,413,360 Sheet cutting apparatus, sheet aftertreatment apparatus having the same, and image forming apparatus having the same
35 7,413,356 Image-taking apparatus
36 7,413,282 Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ejecting method
37 7,413,179 Bookbinding apparatus, bookbinding system and image formation processing system
38 7,413,178 Sheet processing apparatus and control method therefor
39 7,413,177 Sheet processing apparatus, method of controlling the sheet processing apparatus, control program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the control program