Canon patents granted on 19 August 2014

95 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 D711,462 Toner supplying cartridge
2 8,813,157 Method and device for determining the value of a delay to be applied between sending a first dataset and sending a second dataset
3 8,813,081 Image processing apparatus using a license, license management system, and control method therefor
4 8,812,783 Operation apparatus, cache apparatus, and control method thereof
5 8,812,747 Network apparatus that sends back equipment information, method of controlling the apparatus, and storage medium
6 8,812,743 Image capturing transfer apparatus that sends a flash on/off parameter instruction for a flash unit connected to the image capturing apparatus
7 8,812,724 Method and device for transmitting variable rate video data
8 8,812,633 Method for managing address spaces at an opening of a communications tunnel, corresponding tunnel end-point, and storage means
9 8,812,615 Remote control of a host computer
10 8,812,161 Robot apparatus
11 8,811,946 Communication apparatus providing communication by using stored identification information
12 8,811,883 Printing apparatus and method with first and second tray
13 8,811,882 Image forming apparatus
14 8,811,880 Processing apparatus and image forming system
15 8,811,876 Image heating apparatus
16 8,811,872 Image heating apparatus, film used for the apparatus, and manufacturing method of flexible resin material for the film
17 8,811,870 Fixing apparatus fixing a toner image formed on a recording material having a cleaning unit including a cleaning fabric
18 8,811,854 Developing apparatus having a magnetic seal
19 8,811,852 Data processing apparatus, condensation removal method and program thereof
20 8,811,840 Image forming apparatus directing blown air toward a sheet conveying path between a pair of rollers
21 8,811,835 Image forming apparatus with residual toner detection
22 8,811,833 Image forming apparatus
23 8,811,831 Printing apparatus, printing apparatus control method, and storage medium storing program thereof
24 8,811,813 Electronic device
25 8,811,809 Image stabilization apparatus, control method therefor, optical apparatus and imaging apparatus
26 8,811,770 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
27 8,811,752 Method and program for creating analysis model
28 8,811,714 Method, apparatus and medium for determining the intensity distribution formed on a pupil plane of an illumination optical system
29 8,811,702 Optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus, optical coherence tomographic imaging method, program for executing the optical coherence tomographic imaging method, and storage medium having the program stored thereon
30 8,811,661 Monitoring camera system, monitoring camera, and monitoring camera control apparatus
31 8,811,478 Data transmission method and apparatus
32 8,811,418 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
33 8,811,364 Method for controlling a control station, a method for controlling terminal station, a control station, a terminal station, and a computer readable storage medium
34 8,811,320 Wireless communication path selection method and selection apparatus
35 8,811,180 Communication apparatus and communication method
36 8,810,974 Magnetic sensor stack body, method of forming the same, film formation control program, and recording medium
37 8,810,877 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium for eliminating blurring of scanned image
38 8,810,865 Image processing method, program, and image processing apparatus for detecting an area of object and inclination of the area with respect to a platen image
39 8,810,864 Apparatus capable of controlling output using two-dimensional code, and control method and program thereof
40 8,810,847 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium storing program thereof
41 8,810,839 Information processing apparatus for transferring image data, server apparatus for receiving transferred image data, and control methods and storage media therefor
42 8,810,837 Scanning system, printing system, service providing system, and control method
43 8,810,832 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling the apparatus
44 8,810,827 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
45 8,810,824 Printing system, control method, storage medium, program, and printing device
46 8,810,815 Image reading system, image reading apparatus, and control methods and programs thereof
47 8,810,801 Three-dimensional measurement apparatus, method for controlling a three-dimensional measurement apparatus, and storage medium
48 8,810,774 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
49 8,810,772 Position detector, position detection method, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device to align wafer by adjusting optical member
50 8,810,770 Exposure apparatus and article manufacturing method
51 8,810,724 Image-pickup apparatus
52 8,810,716 Imaging apparatus and camera system
53 8,810,711 Catadioptric optical system and image pickup apparatus having the same
54 8,810,709 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
55 8,810,707 Image pickup apparatus having openable and closable display panel, control method therefor, and storage medium
56 8,810,706 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system using the solid-state imaging apparatus
57 8,810,705 Solid-state image sensing apparatus
58 8,810,695 Image sensing apparatus and defective pixel detection method
59 8,810,693 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
60 8,810,687 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
61 8,810,685 Imagine apparatus, information processing apparatus, imaging system and methods thereof for management of image data
62 8,810,683 Method of controlling image capturing based on a distance to an object
63 8,810,681 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
64 8,810,672 Image processing method, image processing device, and recording medium for synthesizing image data with different focus positions
65 8,810,669 Image input device having different wireless communication states, control method and program therefor
66 8,810,660 System to manage digital camera images
67 8,810,654 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and program for implementing the method
68 8,810,643 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
69 8,810,633 Robust image alignment for distributed multi-view imaging systems
70 8,810,622 Light scanning apparatus having optical box on which a beam splitter is disposed, and image forming apparatus including the same
71 8,810,527 Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
72 8,809,914 Solid-state image sensor, method for manufacturing the same, and camera
73 8,809,845 Display apparatus and image pickup apparatus
74 8,809,795 Imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, controlling method of imaging apparatus, and recording medium recording control program of imaging apparatus
75 8,809,760 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, method of controlling the apparatus and the system, and program
76 8,809,757 Optical apparatus having image shake correcting function including angular velocity sensors
77 8,809,421 Antireflection coating film and antireflection coating material for optical element and optical element
78 8,809,200 Method of manufacturing a structure based on anisotropic etching, and silicon substrate with etching mask
79 8,809,094 Method of manufacturing solid-state image sensor
80 8,808,875 Compound and organic EL device
81 8,808,555 Method of manufacturing substrate for liquid discharge head
82 8,808,553 Process for producing a liquid ejection head
83 8,807,851 Electronic device
84 8,807,755 Polarization beam splitting element and image projection apparatus
85 8,807,750 Image acquisition apparatus and control method therefor
86 8,807,743 Open-close cover assembly of image forming apparatus
87 8,807,726 Inkjet recording apparatus
88 8,807,713 Liquid ejection head
89 8,807,708 Semiconductor device, liquid discharge head, liquid discharge cartridge, and liquid discharge apparatus
90 8,807,698 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
91 8,807,696 Colorimetric apparatus and colorimetric method
92 8,807,687 Printing method and printing apparatus
93 8,807,562 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
94 8,807,559 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
95 8,807,556 Sheet conveying apparatus, printing apparatus, and processing apparatus