Canon patents granted on 19 February 2013

72 US patents granted on 19 February 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,381,111 Management apparatus, image forming apparatus, and service processing method
2 8,381,097 Determining optimal parameter for binary coding of a structured document
3 8,380,953 Control apparatus, method for controlling the control apparatus, and storage medium
4 8,380,892 Apparatus, method and program
5 8,380,890 Data recording apparatus and method
6 8,380,685 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, computer program, and storage medium
7 8,380,457 Microfluidic devices with integrated resistive heater electrodes including systems and methods for controlling and measuring the temperatures of such heater electrodes
8 8,380,111 Developer supply container and developer supplying system
9 8,380,105 Developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
10 8,380,101 Photosensitive member unit with contact portions selectively connectable to voltage supplying mechanism, and image forming apparatus including photosensitive member unit
11 8,380,097 Image forming apparatus that includes a transfer member that can be separated from an inner circumferential surface of a transfer belt when belt is rotating
12 8,380,059 Focus adjusting apparatus
13 8,380,046 Program recording assist apparatus, video recording and playback apparatus, and program recording assist method
14 8,380,043 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
15 8,379,998 Image processing apparatus and method
16 8,379,931 Image processing apparatus for retrieving object from moving image and method thereof
17 8,379,916 Image display apparatus and control method thereof
18 8,379,796 Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging method, radiation image processing apparatus, radiation image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
19 8,379,685 Surface emitting laser
20 8,379,670 Method and device for transmitting video data
21 8,379,389 Display panel and image display apparatus
22 8,379,313 Optical scanning apparatus
23 8,379,279 Color image forming apparatus and color image forming method for correcting scan-line position error with interpolation
24 8,379,277 Adjusting the speed of a scanner motor in an image forming apparatus
25 8,379,274 Image processing apparatus and its method
26 8,379,273 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
27 8,379,270 Apparatus and method for controlling printing
28 8,379,269 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for correcting registration deviation
29 8,379,268 Image enlargement method, image enlargement apparatus, and image forming apparatus
30 8,379,262 Method, apparatus, and program for generating bitmap data
31 8,379,259 Image forming system, device managing method thereof, and program therefor
32 8,379,258 System operating under web environment and method of controlling the same
33 8,379,257 System operating under web environment and method of controlling the same
34 8,379,253 Structured document conversion apparatus, structured document conversion method, and storage medium
35 8,379,252 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium for storing program
36 8,379,249 Forwarding print job and driver information from a first image forming apparatus to a second image forming apparatus
37 8,379,248 Image-forming apparatus and information-processing method
38 8,379,242 Service retrieval method
39 8,379,240 Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, information processing system, print processing method, storage medium, and program
40 8,379,239 Information processing apparatus and information processing method for executing process requested by an external device
41 8,379,237 Printing system and method for controlling a printing system that determines whether to start printing only after completion of developing all print data
42 8,379,137 Imaging apparatus
43 8,379,124 Solid-state imaging apparatus with switched capacitors
44 8,379,110 Image sensing apparatus and system
45 8,379,097 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
46 8,379,096 Information processing apparatus and method for synthesizing corrected image data
47 8,379,055 Electronic layout generation based on visual context
48 8,379,054 Image synthesis method, image synthesis apparatus, and storage medium
49 8,379,031 Image data management apparatus, image data management method, computer-readable storage medium
50 8,378,997 Information processing method and device for presenting haptics received from a virtual object
51 8,378,937 Image display apparatus
52 8,378,576 Ion beam generator
53 8,378,551 Actuator and method of manufacturing the same
54 8,378,436 Electromechanical transducer and method of manufacturing the same
55 8,378,285 Photoelectric conversion apparatus
56 8,377,828 Method of manufacturing a substrate for a liquid discharge head
57 8,377,727 Surface-emitting laser and surface-emitting laser array, method of manufacturing a surface-emitting laser and method of manufacturing a surface-emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including a surface-emitting laser array
58 8,377,616 AZO compound, and pigment dispersant, pigment composition, pigment dispersion and toner including the azo compound
59 8,377,574 Dibenzo[c,g]fluorene compound and an organic light-emitting device using the same
60 8,377,549 Developer carrying member, and developing apparatus using same
61 8,377,270 Plasma processing apparatus, magnetoresistive device manufacturing apparatus, magnetic thin film forming method, and film formation control program
62 8,376,553 Image display apparatus having stop shape control
63 8,376,547 Adaptive optical apparatus and imaging apparatus having the same
64 8,376,543 Recording apparatus and sheet processing method
65 8,376,535 Liquid container
66 8,376,525 Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
67 8,376,522 Liquid ejection head and printing apparatus
68 8,376,518 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
69 8,376,502 Method and apparatus for generating color separation table, and image forming apparatus
70 8,376,485 Inkjet recording apparatus
71 8,376,360 Sheet stacking apparatus and sheet stacking control method
72 8,376,344 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with the same