Canon patents granted on 19 June 2012

46 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,205,212 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, alternate response apparatus, response method, control program, and network system
2 8,204,969 Method for retrieving updates via the internet
3 8,204,894 Controlling a server apparatus which stores image data received via a network in memory
4 8,204,464 Wireless communication apparatus, its control method, and recording medium
5 8,204,427 Image forming apparatus with multiple lateral alignment positions
6 8,204,426 Image processing for improving reliability of job-lock function
7 8,204,412 Image forming apparatus generating electrostatic forces in first and second directions with a predetermined duty ratio
8 8,204,404 Image forming apparatus
9 8,204,373 Image pickup apparatus with built-in flash
10 8,204,362 Video recording and reproducing apparatus, and control method
11 8,204,300 Image forming method and optical coherence tomograph apparatus using optical coherence tomography
12 8,204,260 Speaker apparatus, speaker driving apparatus and control method thereof
13 8,204,227 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and computer program
14 8,204,136 Image encoding apparatus
15 8,203,793 Optical system and optical apparatus including the same
16 8,203,771 Control method for image reading system
17 8,203,770 Multi-dimensional interpolation device, multi-dimensional interpolation method and computer-readable medium
18 8,203,761 Image reading apparatus and control method with streak detection and correction using string count and continuity detection
19 8,203,759 Color processing apparatus and method thereof
20 8,203,758 Image processing apparatus and its method, and control method
21 8,203,753 Image processing apparatus and method therefor
22 8,203,748 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
23 8,203,746 Image forming system and recording medium storing program
24 8,203,741 Printing system, control method therefor, and photo-direct printing apparatus
25 8,203,732 Searching for an image utilized in a print request to detect a device which sent the print request
26 8,203,727 Image processing apparatus provided with an image memory used by a plurality of boards performing expanded data processings, backup processing method, and storage medium storing program readable by computer
27 8,203,724 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor, as well as program for implementing the control method
28 8,203,649 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
29 8,203,645 Image-pickup apparatus and control method thereof with image generation based on a detected spatial frequency
30 8,203,641 Display processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
31 8,203,629 Image sensing apparatus and correction method
32 8,203,626 Apparatus and method for image processing with special effect application to image and display of animation image
33 8,203,586 Image forming apparatus having a cleaning member configured to clean a transparent member of an optical device
34 8,203,511 Display apparatus
35 8,203,473 Switched-capacitor input circuit and analog-to-digital converter including the same
36 8,203,382 Amplifier circuitry
37 8,203,358 Image processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
38 8,203,146 Integrated circuits utilizing amorphous oxides
39 8,202,813 Optical material and optical element
40 8,202,075 Imprint apparatus and imprint method
41 8,202,034 Vacuum processing apparatus and substrate transfer method
42 8,201,925 Ink jet print head having board with varying heat resistance
43 8,201,923 Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing same
44 8,201,919 Ink-jet printing apparatus and method of controlling ink-jet printing apparatus
45 8,201,907 Recording apparatus
46 8,201,825 Sheet stacking/aligning apparatus, sheet handling apparatus, and image forming apparatus