Canon patents granted on 19 October 2010

59 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,818,813 Server apparatus and control method
2 7,818,675 Web information processing apparatus and web information processing method
3 7,818,652 Image forming system, image processing apparatus, determination device, and image processing method
4 7,818,448 Method for the insertion and processing of information for the control, by a node, of the broadcasting of a data stream going through a basic network of a heterogeneous network, and corresponding nodes
5 7,818,438 Control apparatus and control method
6 7,818,022 Communication apparatus and electric power control method
7 7,817,948 Image forming apparatus and control method of image forming apparatus
8 7,817,940 Image forming apparatus having tension-providing mechanism for belt
9 7,817,939 Image heating device
10 7,817,936 Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
11 7,817,930 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and program
12 7,817,905 Video camera and remote recording system
13 7,817,903 Data recording apparatus, method, program, and recording medium
14 7,817,901 Recording and reproducing apparatus
15 7,817,345 Zoom lens and image projection apparatus including the same
16 7,817,321 Scanning optical apparatus
17 7,817,318 Oscillating system and optical deflector
18 7,817,317 Image reading apparatus and shading correction data generating method
19 7,817,308 Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus and storage medium storing control program
20 7,817,304 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program
21 7,817,303 Image processing and image forming with modification of a particular class of colors
22 7,817,301 Data receiving-processing apparatus
23 7,817,300 Advance decoding of images for printing
24 7,817,298 Image processing apparatus and method for faster starting of an image processing apparatus using priority functions
25 7,817,297 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
26 7,817,294 Data processing apparatus, print setting processing method, storing medium storing computer-readable program therein, and program
27 7,817,251 Supporting apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
28 7,817,221 Image display apparatus
29 7,817,210 Image processing method, image display apparatus, and television apparatus
30 7,817,202 Image processing method, imaging apparatus, and storage medium storing control program of image processing method executable by computer
31 7,817,199 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, control method thereof, imaging apparatus, and imaging system
32 7,817,192 Image-taking apparatus capable of saving image data files in folder on recording medium
33 7,817,186 Camera and image processing method for synthesizing plural images forming one image group to generate a synthesized image
34 7,817,167 Method and apparatus for processing information
35 7,817,115 Image display apparatus
36 7,817,114 Driver with driving current interruption
37 7,817,043 Radio frequency tag
38 7,816,755 Photoelectric conversion device with isolation arrangement that reduces pixel space without reducing resolution or sensitivity
39 7,816,640 Polarization beam splitter and projection apparatus having the same
40 7,816,283 Method of depositing a higher permittivity dielectric film
41 7,816,120 Temperature controller for structure
42 7,816,063 Color toner and two-component developer
43 7,816,054 Electronic equipment containing a fuel cell
44 7,816,047 Method for stopping power generation of fuel cell system and fuel cell system including power generation stopping unit
45 7,816,046 Fuel cell apparatus having fuel cell stack and controller, and method of manufacturing same
46 7,816,025 Enzyme electrode, enzyme electrode producing method, sensor and fuel cell each using enzyme electrode
47 7,815,985 Recording medium, production process of the recording medium and image forming process using the recording medium
48 7,815,984 Recording medium and image forming method using the same
49 7,815,966 Production process of light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment device and photographing apparatus
50 7,815,760 Method of manufacturing hermetically sealed container
51 7,815,430 Mold, production process of mold, imprint apparatus, and imprint method
52 7,815,425 Processing apparatus
53 7,815,424 Imprinting machine and device manufacturing method
54 7,815,297 Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus having a plurality of ink flow paths
55 7,815,288 Ink jet printing apparatus
56 7,815,278 Droplet discharge-condition detecting unit, droplet-discharging device, and inkjet recording device
57 7,815,272 Element body for recording head and recording head having element body
58 7,814,918 Apparatus for cleaning inkjet head and cleaning method thereof
59 7,814,862 Method of forming structures using drop-on-demand printing