Canon patents granted on 20 December 2011

68 US patents granted on 20 December 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 8,082,573 Broadcast receiving device and method of controlling a broadcast receiving device with controller for updating a panel element in a display
2 8,082,323 Monitoring host apparatus, image forming apparatus, and access control method for access to their web pages
3 8,082,257 Recording and reproducing apparatus
4 8,082,169 User interface for workflow builder
5 8,081,998 Communication apparatus and communication control method with power adjustment to avoid interference between apparatuses on first and second networks
6 8,081,919 Image processing apparatus
7 8,081,912 Image forming apparatus with marginless printing mode
8 8,081,907 Developer feeding apparatus and developing apparatus
9 8,081,906 Image forming apparatus wherein, when a rotary member is located at a reference position, a color developing device is located in a region extending from a position of a transparent developing device toward a downstream side of a rotation direction of the rotary member to a lowermost point in the gravity direction of the rotary member
10 8,081,898 Process cartridge and method for removing processing means from process cartridge
11 8,081,890 Image forming apparatus, and unit removably installed in an image forming apparatus
12 8,081,870 Receiving apparatus and method
13 8,081,843 Image-pickup apparatus
14 8,081,833 Color processing apparatus and method to convert spectral information
15 8,081,829 Motion estimation apparatus and control method thereof
16 8,081,819 Color processing method and apparatus
17 8,081,815 Marker arrangement information measuring apparatus and method
18 8,081,761 Communication encryption processing apparatus
19 8,081,679 Image processing apparatus
20 8,081,653 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
21 8,081,638 Communication system and communication apparatus controlling a switching for power saving
22 8,081,613 Wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatus and control method thereof
23 8,081,456 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling information processing apparatus
24 8,081,366 Oscillating device, light deflector, and image forming apparatus using the same
25 8,081,357 Image scanning apparatus, image scanning method, and program for use in image scanning apparatus
26 8,081,356 Image reading apparatus
27 8,081,352 Image reading/recording apparatus
28 8,081,348 Image processing device, method and program product processing barcodes with link information corresponding to other barcodes
29 8,081,342 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and print control program
30 8,081,338 Form processing apparatus and method
31 8,081,327 Information processing apparatus that controls transmission of print job data based on a processing designation, and control method and program therefor
32 8,081,324 Information processing apparatus, image forming method, and computer readable storage medium storing a program for reducing print processing time
33 8,081,323 Apparatus and method for transferring data to remote printer
34 8,081,250 Image pickup apparatus having a correction unit for correction of noise components generated by clamping circuits
35 8,081,246 Drive circuit of solid-state image pickup device and method thereof utilizing a pulse generated based on a polynomial arithmetic operation
36 8,081,245 Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
37 8,081,241 Solid-state image pickup device and camera
38 8,081,235 Image pickup apparatus and flicker detection method therefor
39 8,081,231 Lens-interchangeable camera and method of controlling the same
40 8,081,218 Communication apparatus and method for providing a service to a desired communication device
41 8,081,202 Image forming apparatus and apparatus for correcting difference in oscillation speed among oscillating devices
42 8,081,185 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
43 8,081,166 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling same
44 8,081,094 Signal transmission system and signal conversion circuit
45 8,080,979 Charging system and charger utilizing battery state information received from a battery unit to determine if the battery unit is in a normal state
46 8,080,943 Image display apparatus
47 8,080,933 Electron-emitting device and image display apparatus
48 8,080,932 Electron-emitting device, electron source, image display apparatus and method for manufacturing electron-emitting device
49 8,080,931 Conductive film, electron emitting device and image display apparatus
50 8,080,928 Electron-emitting device and image display apparatus using the same
51 8,080,917 Driving apparatus, holding apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
52 8,080,430 Target substance detection material and method and kit for detecting target substance
53 8,080,381 Infectious etiologic agent detection probe and probe set, carrier, and genetic screening method
54 8,080,372 Method for detecting nucleic acid in sample, method for designing probes, system for designing probes therefor
55 8,080,335 Powder material, electrode structure using the powder material, and energy storage device having the electrode structure
56 8,080,322 Light emitting device having high luminous efficiency and high stability
57 8,080,291 Ink jet recording medium and production process thereof
58 8,079,686 Liquid storage container and recording apparatus
59 8,079,675 Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method of ink jet recording head
60 8,079,674 Ink jet recording apparatus
61 8,079,665 Printing apparatus
62 8,079,659 Printing apparatus and conveying control method
63 8,079,589 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
64 8,079,585 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
65 8,079,375 Processing apparatus and atmosphere exchange method
66 8,079,363 Inhaler
67 8,079,360 Inhaler
68 8,079,260 Fall detection apparatus