Canon patents granted on 20 December 2016

52 US patents granted on 20 December 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,525,874 Transmitting apparatus and transmission method
2 9,525,836 AD conversion apparatus, solid-state imaging apparatus, and imaging system
3 9,525,826 Image pickup apparatus, method for controlling the image pickup apparatus, and recording medium
4 9,525,816 Display control apparatus and camera system
5 9,525,815 Imaging apparatus, method for controlling the same, and recording medium to control light emission
6 9,525,813 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling same
7 9,525,812 Master flash apparatus and method
8 9,525,801 Image reading control apparatus and method for executing image reading processing based on a reading instruction and inhibiting a reading apparatus from accepting new tasks
9 9,525,799 Information processing apparatus, control method, and recording medium for updating the transmission result of a multi-address transmission
10 9,525,796 Device, system and method for controlling device
11 9,525,795 Image forming apparatus with rotary polygon mirror speed control
12 9,525,792 Image reading apparatus, method for controlling image reading apparatus, and storage medium
13 9,525,786 Facsimile machine, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
14 9,525,768 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
15 9,525,758 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, method for selecting device, and program therefor
16 9,525,757 Information processing apparatus that controls connection of devices, method of controlling the apparatus, and device control system
17 9,525,359 Switching power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
18 9,525,209 Method, apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium for contactless power supply and power control
19 9,525,123 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, multilayered piezoelectric element. Liquid discharge heard, liquid discharge apparatus, ultrasonic motor, optical apparatus, vibratory apparatus, dust removing device, image pickup apparatus, and electronic equipment
20 9,525,121 Electromechanical transducer and method of producing the same
21 9,524,846 Target structure and X-ray generating apparatus
22 9,524,452 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
23 9,524,448 Location-based signature selection for multi-camera object tracking
24 9,524,444 Method, system and apparatus for determining a contour segment for an object in an image captured by a camera
25 9,524,423 Image recognition apparatus, control method, and program of the same
26 9,524,387 Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium
27 9,524,177 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
28 9,524,155 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
29 9,524,133 Printing server group including a print service of transferring a print job to a printer via a network
30 9,524,125 Printing system, image processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
31 9,524,026 Portable apparatus, control method and program
32 9,524,019 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
33 9,523,959 Image forming apparatus with control unit configured to reduce the air blown by a blower unit reaching an exposure unit
34 9,523,954 Image forming apparatus that performs developer replenishment
35 9,523,951 Fixing apparatus for fixing toner image on a recording medium of tubular shape
36 9,523,945 Image forming apparatus that forms image on image carrier
37 9,523,942 Developer accommodating container, developing cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
38 9,523,929 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
39 9,523,927 Exposure apparatus with detection apparatus for detection of upper and lower surface marks, and device manufacturing method
40 9,523,926 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
41 9,523,907 Zoom optical system and image projection apparatus having the same
42 9,523,851 Light deflection unit, optical scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus
43 9,523,659 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
44 9,523,569 Positioning apparatus, lithography apparatus, and article manufacturing method
45 9,522,794 Feeding apparatus and feeding unit detachably attached thereto
46 9,522,554 Image printing apparatus and image printing method
47 9,522,553 Sheet conveyance apparatus, printing apparatus, control method for sheet conveyance apparatus, and computer readable storage medium
48 9,522,545 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus including the optical scanning apparatus
49 9,522,529 Substrate for liquid ejection head, liquid ejection head, and apparatus and method for ejecting liquid
50 9,522,356 Filter frame
51 9,522,352 Nanofiber structural body and collecting apparatus using the nanofiber structural body, and method of producing the nanofiber structural body
52 9,521,952 Photoacoustic imaging apparatus, photoacoustic imaging method, and program