Canon patents granted on 20 June 2006

34 US patents granted on 20 June 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,065,592 Method and device for managing the resources of a computer communication means for processing a computer document
2 7,065,590 Apparatus, method and computer program product for controlling routing of a request in an image input apparatus
3 7,065,564 Network system, method and apparatus for processing information, and control program
4 7,065,306 Toner residual amount detection apparatus
5 7,065,263 Image processing apparatus, image input/output apparatus, scaling method and memory control method
6 7,065,250 Automated image interpretation and retrieval system
7 7,065,237 Image processing apparatus and method
8 7,064,904 Image processor allowing shooting at close range
9 7,064,903 Lens device and shooting system
10 7,064,895 Stereoscopic image display method and stereoscopic image display apparatus using it
11 7,064,877 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
12 7,064,871 Image reading apparatus which controls a correction operation of an image signal of an original image read through a transparent member in accordance with individual data representing transmittancy of the transparent member
13 7,064,849 Data processing apparatus adaptable to plural environments and data processing method
14 7,064,806 Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus
15 7,064,805 Exposure apparatus
16 7,064,804 Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the temperature adjustment apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
17 7,064,784 Image pickup apparatus adapted to carry out parallel operations in a continuous image pickup mode, and a control method
18 7,064,780 Image recording apparatus with selection of still image to be recorded from multi-picture display
19 7,064,777 Blur correction aparatus, control apparatus to be used in a blur correction apparatus, image taking apparatus, control method to be used in these apparatuses and computer program product to be used with these apparatuses
20 7,064,773 Display apparatus
21 7,064,754 Stereoscopic-image display apparatus
22 7,064,512 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
23 7,064,475 Electron source structure covered with resistance film
24 7,064,451 Area array semiconductor device and electronic circuit board utilizing the same
25 7,064,263 Stacked photovoltaic device
26 7,064,113 Resin composition, method of molding the same, and method of recycling resin composition
27 7,063,933 Photosensitive resin composition, ink-jet recording head using the composition, and production method for the same
28 7,063,799 Ink jet recording head, manufacturing method therefor, and substrate for ink jet recording head manufacture
29 7,063,765 Adhesive sheet for affixation of a wafer and method for processing using the same
30 7,063,585 Method of fixing space defining members in an envelope of an electron beam apparatus
31 7,063,473 Both-side recording apparatus
32 7,063,417 Recording apparatus and recording medium conveying apparatus
33 7,063,317 Image forming apparatus capable of feeding tab sheets of tab sheet bundle
34 7,063,192 Active vibration suppression apparatus, control method therefor, and exposure apparatus having active vibration suppression apparatus