Canon patents granted on 20 October 2009

47 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 D602,521 Ink cartridge for printer
2 7,607,109 Image display method and program with limiting of range of candidate images for selection or with automatic rotation of slant-displayed image
3 7,607,104 Data processing method, data processor, and program
4 7,606,972 Storage unit, information processing apparatus, and eject control method for storage unit
5 7,606,963 Multimedia interface device, information processing method corresponding information carrier and computer program
6 7,606,874 Network system, method and apparatus for processing information, and control program
7 7,606,823 Document processing apparatus and method
8 7,606,689 Design support system, design support method, program, and storage medium
9 7,606,509 Image forming apparatus, recording material conveying method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
10 7,606,478 Lens barrel suitable to be housed
11 7,606,472 Video stream data recording apparatus
12 7,606,446 Apparatus, method, or storage medium for image processing
13 7,606,438 Image signal processor and image signal processing method
14 7,606,433 Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and storage medium
15 7,606,426 Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
16 7,606,406 Imaging method and apparatus
17 7,606,397 Visual language classification system
18 7,606,117 Information recording and reproducing apparatus, information recording medium and information recording apparatus
19 7,605,954 Original feeding apparatus, original reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
20 7,605,948 Image display apparatus and correction method of image signal
21 7,605,939 Information processing apparatus for forming raster image data based on different printing commands, control method therefor, and computer-readable medium storing a computer program implementing the control thereof
22 7,605,931 Image forming apparatus including power saving control and job scheduling and control method therefor
23 7,605,908 Near-field exposure mask, near-field exposure apparatus, and near-field exposure method
24 7,605,899 Electrophoretic dispersion liquid and electrophoretic display device
25 7,605,860 Image pickup optical system
26 7,605,858 Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
27 7,605,849 Method and apparatus for image transfer processing according to transfer history
28 7,605,797 Particle movement-type display apparatus and driving method thereof
29 7,605,775 Displaying optical system
30 7,605,532 Organic light emitting device
31 7,605,530 Image-forming device using electron-emitting elements
32 7,605,415 Image pickup device comprising photoelectric conversation unit, floating diffusion region and guard ring
33 7,605,396 Field effect type organic transistor and process for production t hereof
34 7,605,392 Field effect transistor and production process thereof
35 7,605,192 Aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
36 7,605,124 Ejection liquid and ejection method
37 7,604,938 Devices and methods for monitoring genomic DNA of organisms
38 7,604,928 Patterning method and methods for producing electro-optic device, color filter, illuminant, and thin-film transistor
39 7,604,873 Organic light emitting device
40 7,604,683 Gas separation method using adsorbent
41 7,604,344 Liquid application device and inkjet recording apparatus
42 7,604,335 Ink cartridge
43 7,604,317 Recording apparatus capable of checking positions of ink containers, and method for checking the positions
44 7,604,229 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
45 7,604,225 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
46 7,604,160 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and storage medium
47 7,603,763 Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive multilayer film