Canon patents granted on 20 October 2015

91 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 D741,331 Scanner
2 9,167,635 Light emitting apparatus, driving circuit of light emitting element, and driving method
3 9,167,371 Wireless communication system, and wireless communication device and control method for establishing a connection with another wireless device before an elapsed time period without the intervention of a base station
4 9,167,244 Image coding apparatus and method thereof
5 9,167,216 Image processing apparatus, image capture apparatus and image processing method
6 9,167,198 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
7 9,167,173 Image capturing apparatus configured to perform a cyclic shooting operation and method of controlling the same
8 9,167,172 Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same
9 9,167,168 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable medium, and image-pickup apparatus
10 9,167,151 Focus detection apparatus, focus detection method, and image capturing apparatus
11 9,167,149 Lens apparatus and imaging apparatus including the same
12 9,167,148 Image capture apparatus that performs focus detection with a phase difference detection method
13 9,167,145 Receiving device for receiving a wireless operation signal for controlling a lens or a camera by a first or a second method
14 9,167,142 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
15 9,167,128 Communication apparatus, communication method, and storage medium storing program
16 9,167,126 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
17 9,167,118 Device management apparatus and device management method
18 9,166,968 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, storage medium, and image processing apparatus
19 9,166,502 Method for manufacturing an electromechanical transducer
20 9,166,173 Organic compound
21 9,166,140 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic device
22 9,166,090 Solid-state image pickup device
23 9,165,965 Image sensing apparatus
24 9,165,964 Image sensor and image capture apparatus
25 9,165,957 Detecting device, detecting system, and manufacturing method of detecting device
26 9,165,552 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and method of controlling delay
27 9,165,534 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
28 9,165,508 Display apparatus using reference voltage line for parasitic capacitance, electronic apparatus using the display apparatus and driving method of the display apparatus
29 9,165,364 Automatic tracking image pickup system
30 9,165,229 Print control apparatus and method for printing images on a continuous sheet
31 9,165,228 Printing apparatus allowing user change of operational control of job, control method thereof, and storage medium
32 9,165,227 Color image forming apparatus
33 9,165,226 Image processing apparatus, method, and storage medium for executing image processing and performing decoration processing
34 9,165,193 Video processing apparatus and method for managing tracking object
35 9,164,991 Document management system and method thereof
36 9,164,719 Method and apparatus for obtaining status information from a device
37 9,164,717 Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and printing control program
38 9,164,714 Information processing apparatus, method, and program for controlling a user interface
39 9,164,709 Printing apparatus and control method thereof
40 9,164,707 Server system, method for controlling server system, and storage medium
41 9,164,706 Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method
42 9,164,569 Data processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
43 9,164,502 Control device and control method of five-axis control machine tool, program, and mold
44 9,164,476 Toner cartridge having structure for minimizing deformation when gripped
45 9,164,472 Image forming apparatus
46 9,164,460 Image forming apparatus having tone density correction
47 9,164,459 Image forming apparatus
48 9,164,456 Image forming apparatus
49 9,164,454 Image forming apparatus for performing registration and density correction control
50 9,164,452 Image forming apparatus
51 9,164,450 Electrophotographic member, fixing device, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
52 9,164,433 Image forming apparatus
53 9,164,430 Developer container, developing cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
54 9,164,424 Cartridge with flexible developer bag and elastic member for acting on the developer bag
55 9,164,423 Developer replenishment container accommodating apparatus, developer replenishment container, and image forming apparatus
56 9,164,419 Developing container, method of manufacturing the same, developing device using the same, and image forming apparatus
57 9,164,417 Image forming apparatus with developer bearing member velocity control
58 9,164,416 Conductive member, electrophotographic process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
59 9,164,406 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
60 9,164,405 Measurement apparatus for calculation of substrate tilt, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
61 9,164,395 Exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing a device
62 9,164,375 Dual zone template chuck
63 9,164,370 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using original with phase-modulation diffraction grating to form interference pattern
64 9,164,361 Imaging device holding unit and lens barrel each having holder member for imaging device package, and image pickup apparatus having holding unit or lens barrel
65 9,164,359 Imaging apparatus including a wireless communication apparatus, and camera system
66 9,164,291 Optical system including diffractive optical element and optical apparatus
67 9,164,263 Illumination optical system and projection-type display apparatus
68 9,164,256 Image pickup apparatus and lens unit
69 9,164,255 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
70 9,164,031 Measurement apparatus and method, tomography apparatus and method
71 9,163,940 Position/orientation measurement apparatus, measurement processing method thereof, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
72 9,162,920 Method for manufacturing porous glass, and method for manufacturing optical element
73 9,162,844 Image forming system having movable stapler, sheet post-processing apparatus, and control method
74 9,162,508 Inkjet recording apparatus
75 9,162,507 Printing apparatus
76 9,162,501 Printer having a plurality of paper rolls each having a sensor
77 9,162,498 Ink jet printing apparatus and image processing apparatus
78 9,162,496 Printing method and printing apparatus
79 9,162,494 Printing apparatus for controlling sheet feeding from a grouped plurality of sheet feeding units
80 9,162,490 Sheet supply apparatus and printing apparatus
81 9,162,477 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and image processing method
82 9,162,462 Printing apparatus and cleaning method thereof
83 9,162,459 Liquid ejection head
84 9,162,450 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
85 9,162,433 Method of producing flow passage device and flow passage device
86 9,162,357 Control method for robot system and robot system
87 9,162,250 Method for forming coating film and method for producing fixing member
88 9,162,224 Device and method for manufacturing the same
89 9,161,690 Ophthalmologic apparatus and control method of the same
90 9,161,689 Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
91 9,161,686 Image processing apparatus and image processing method