Canon patents granted on 21 April 2009

39 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,523,280 Storage managing system, storage managing apparatus, and storage managing method
2 7,523,224 Information processing apparatus control method for device having both first and second interface settings enabling the information processing apparatus to communicate with the device via both first and second interface
3 7,523,210 Information providing server, communication terminal, control method therefor, and information providing system
4 7,523,160 Information provision exchange service system and method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
5 7,523,031 Information processing apparatus and method capable of processing plurality type of input information
6 7,522,947 Image display apparatus, display control method for the same, program, and storage medium
7 7,522,874 Image forming apparatus
8 7,522,873 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program
9 7,522,870 Image heating apparatus with control means for controlling heating rotatable member in accordance with belt operation
10 7,522,861 Image forming apparatus having contactless type temperature sensor
11 7,522,852 Image forming apparatus capable of accomplishing uniformity in glossiness
12 7,522,849 Image forming apparatus with belt recognition device
13 7,522,833 Image-taking apparatus equipped with sound processing function
14 7,522,830 Placement of light-emitting section in image sensing apparatus
15 7,522,777 Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
16 7,522,662 Electronic device including image forming apparatus
17 7,522,479 Domain wall displacement for magneto-optical recording medium having multiple magnetic layers
18 7,522,350 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
19 7,522,342 Image display apparatus
20 7,522,326 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
21 7,522,324 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
22 7,522,302 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
23 7,522,301 Automated output of user guide
24 7,522,264 Projection exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, and sensor unit
25 7,522,196 Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
26 7,522,195 Image display controlling apparatus and method for superimposing images based on attention area and data time information
27 7,522,187 Image sensing apparatus and method having high and low resolution transfer modes
28 7,522,180 Image writing apparatus and color image forming apparatus
29 7,522,174 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program for implementing image processing method, and recording medium recording program
30 7,522,132 Image display apparatus
31 7,522,087 Remote control device
32 7,521,971 Buffer circuit
33 7,521,845 Piezoelectric substance, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head using piezoelectric element, and liquid discharge apparatus
34 7,521,684 Radiation detecting apparatus, manufacturing method therefor, and radiation image pickup system
35 7,520,927 Liquid ink for ink jet and ink jet recording method using the ink
36 7,520,791 Method of manufacturing airtight vessel for image displaying apparatus
37 7,520,584 Recording apparatus, and feed control method of recording medium in the apparatus
38 7,520,497 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus having same
39 7,520,057 Process for producing conductive rubber roller, and roller for electrophotographic apparatus