Canon patents granted on 21 August 2007

48 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 RE39,780 Photoelectric converter, its driving method, and system including the photoelectric converter
2 7,260,828 Data processing apparatus, and data processing method
3 7,260,787 Information processing apparatus, network system, device-map display method, and storage medium
4 7,260,776 Method and device for processing a computer document in a computer system
5 7,260,730 Remote power configuration of functions within multifunction apparatus using status and setting screens displayed on external apparatus
6 7,260,653 Method and device for the synchronization between two networks
7 7,260,637 Printing system and method of setting same, information processing apparatus and storage medium
8 7,260,532 Hidden Markov model generation apparatus and method with selection of number of states
9 7,260,531 Interactive system, method, and program performing data search using pronunciation distance and entropy calculations
10 7,260,354 Image forming method
11 7,260,353 Image heating apparatus with heating nip for preventing image failure
12 7,260,351 Image heating apparatus and fixing apparatus
13 7,260,347 Image forming apparatus
14 7,260,345 Image forming apparatus with a developer consumption control feature
15 7,260,337 Image forming apparatus with control of commercial and battery power supplies to fusing device
16 7,260,264 Transcoding of data
17 7,260,239 Information processing method and information processor
18 7,260,238 Digital watermark embedding method, apparatus, digital watermark extraction method and apparatus
19 7,260,149 Digital data transmission apparatus, digital data reception apparatus, digital broadcast reception apparatus, digital data transmission method, digital data reception method, digital broadcast reception method, and computer program
20 7,259,920 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
21 7,259,892 Printer correcting apparatus and method of controlling same
22 7,259,885 Image forming apparatus with gamma conversion means
23 7,259,883 Image processing apparatus, control method of image processing apparatus, and storage medium storing therein control program for image processing apparatus
24 7,259,878 Image processing apparatus effective for preventing counterfeiting of a copy-prohibition object
25 7,259,877 Inspection device and image forming apparatus
26 7,259,874 Information processing apparatus, print data forming method, print control program, and memory medium
27 7,259,863 Grating interference type optical encoder
28 7,259,836 Stage device for positioning an object, in which a static pressure bearing and a pressurizing magnet suspend a slider
29 7,259,786 Image processing method and apparatus, and image sensing apparatus
30 7,259,770 Method and apparatus for processing information
31 7,259,745 Method for driving electrophoresis display apparatus
32 7,259,710 User input device
33 7,259,540 Electronic equipment having battery contact member provided in battery chamber
34 7,259,520 Electron emission device, electron source, and image display having dipole layer
35 7,259,467 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
36 7,259,361 Producing method for solid-state image pickup device including formation of a carrier accumulating region
37 7,258,590 Electron emitting device using carbon fiber; electron source; image display device; method of manufacturing the electron emitting device; method of manufacturing electron source using the electron emitting device; and method of manufacturing image display device
38 7,258,588 Method of manufacturing image display device
39 7,258,497 Tab paper 2-sided print method, tab paper 2-sided print program, computer readable storage medium program, and print control apparatus
40 7,258,457 Illumination optical system and image-taking apparatus
41 7,258,452 Projection optical system and a projection type image display apparatus
42 7,258,445 Polarization splitter, optical unit and image projector
43 7,258,443 Ophthalomologic apparatus
44 7,258,429 Adjustment method of dot printing position and printing system
45 7,258,413 Recording apparatus
46 7,258,412 Ink-jet printing method, apparatus and system
47 7,258,409 Inkjet printing apparatus and control method for the same
48 7,258,339 Sheet processing device with sheet lift preventing member and image forming apparatus having the same