Canon patents granted on 21 August 2012

76 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,250,661 Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and methods thereof
2 8,250,490 Display image control apparatus
3 8,250,470 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
4 8,250,465 Encoding/decoding apparatus, method and computer program
5 8,250,444 Iterative decoding in a mesh network, corresponding method and system
6 8,250,218 Wireless communication system, and wireless communication device and control method for establishing a one-to-one relationship between wireless communication devices
7 8,250,042 Data processing apparatus and data processing method with conversion of error information
8 8,249,519 Method of determining the instant of consideration of a modification of at least one reception condition for signals in a communication system
9 8,249,504 Setting parameters in a communication device for network connection
10 8,249,485 Process cartridge with portions to be supported and regulated during insertion of the cartridge into an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
11 8,249,484 Image forming apparatus having mechanisms for holding and moving a rear portion for easy maintenance
12 8,249,476 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling image forming apparatus
13 8,249,393 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
14 8,249,372 Methods and devices for coding and decoding multidimensional digital signals
15 8,249,325 X-ray image processing apparatus, X-ray image processing method, program, and storage medium for calculating a noise amount
16 8,249,216 X-ray moving image radiographing apparatus
17 8,249,126 Photonic crystal and surface emitting laser using such photonic crystal
18 8,249,125 Optical device including multilayer reflector and vertical cavity surface emitting laser
19 8,249,123 Surface emitting laser
20 8,249,085 Relay apparatus and relay method
21 8,248,961 Communication apparatus and communication layer role deciding method
22 8,248,709 Zoom lens barrel that attains a higher photographing magnification
23 8,248,707 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
24 8,248,704 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
25 8,248,703 Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the zoom lens
26 8,248,677 Solid-state imaging device
27 8,248,676 Optical scanning unit and color image forming apparatus using the same
28 8,248,675 Image-reading apparatus
29 8,248,664 Image processing apparatus and method for achromatizing pixel based on edge region of color signal
30 8,248,657 Printing apparatus
31 8,248,654 Information processing apparatus and method, and print control program
32 8,248,653 Information processing apparatus, print control method, and computer program
33 8,248,651 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program therefor
34 8,248,650 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
35 8,248,635 Image editing apparatus, image editing method, image processing apparatus, and method for controlling image processing apparatus
36 8,248,626 Information processing apparatus for setting output condition to images as output targets, and information processing method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium thereof
37 8,248,584 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
38 8,248,582 Stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
39 8,248,580 Scanning exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
40 8,248,534 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
41 8,248,518 Optical apparatus
42 8,248,517 Image pickup apparatus for providing in-focus photographing with a reduced time lag, control method, and storage medium
43 8,248,516 Focus detection apparatus and control method therefor
44 8,248,509 Information registration system, information registration method, registration apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
45 8,248,502 Photoelectric conversion device and method for making the same
46 8,248,496 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image sensor
47 8,248,445 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
48 8,248,442 Apparatus and method for side determination of optical disc
49 8,248,437 Image display apparatus and method for controlling the same
50 8,248,429 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
51 8,248,426 Image processing apparatus for displaying colors included in a color image and an image processing method, and a storage medium therefor
52 8,248,411 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
53 8,248,354 Driving circuit and image display apparatus
54 8,248,332 Active matrix display apparatus having a change in lighting power source before the end of a writing period and driving method thereof
55 8,248,326 Image display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
56 8,247,779 Radiation imaging apparatus, its control method, and radiation imaging system
57 8,247,215 Apparatus for introducing substance into cells
58 8,247,147 Toner
59 8,247,141 Method of generating reticle data, memory medium storing program for generating reticle data and method of producing reticle
60 8,247,127 Fuel cell and method of operating fuel cell
61 8,247,043 Recording medium
62 8,247,042 Recording medium
63 8,246,887 Imprint method and process for producing a chip that change a relative position between a member to be processed and a support portion
64 8,246,798 Substrate processing apparatus and apparatus and method of manufacturing magnetic device
65 8,246,412 Manufacturing method for display using surface treatments of adhesion surfaces
66 8,246,161 Conveying apparatus and recording apparatus
67 8,246,160 Recording apparatus
68 8,246,157 Printing method, printing apparatus, and printed document
69 8,246,152 Liquid discharge head and its manufacturing method
70 8,246,150 Ink tank having grooves to prevent leakage from air communication hole
71 8,246,147 Inkjet printhead substrate, method for manufacturing inkjet printhead substrate, inkjet print head, and inkjet recording apparatus
72 8,246,146 Printing head
73 8,246,144 Inkjet printing apparatus
74 8,246,045 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
75 8,246,044 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus with lifting plate
76 8,246,039 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus