Canon patents granted on 21 March 2006

67 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,017,108 Method and apparatus for reproducing a linear document having non-linear referential links
2 7,017,071 Apparatus for managing a device, program for managing a device, storage medium on which a program for managing a device is stored, and method of managing a device
3 7,016,984 System controller using plural CPU’s
4 7,016,755 Information processing method and apparatus used in an exposure system and exposure apparatus
5 7,016,642 Image forming apparatus and image formation control method
6 7,016,641 Sheet-feeding device having heater for heating sheet
7 7,016,638 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
8 7,016,633 Developing assembly featuring a developer-carrying member having specified ranges of deformation and hardness and a developer quality control blade having a rough contact surface
9 7,016,630 Image forming apparatus
10 7,016,627 Image forming apparatus having image bearing member and movable other member
11 7,016,626 Electrophotographic photosensitive drum having caulked flanges, process cartridge having such a drum, and image forming apparatus having such a process cartridge
12 7,016,625 Airflow around electrical circuit of image forming apparatus
13 7,016,623 Image forming apparatus with power control to sheet processing unit
14 7,016,619 Image forming apparatus
15 7,016,534 Method, and apparatus for discriminating kind of image medium stored with program
16 7,016,530 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and programs thereof
17 7,016,358 Interface device with network isolation
18 7,016,267 Magnetooptical recording apparatus having retreatable magnetic head
19 7,016,129 Optical filter, method of making optical filter, light amount adjusting apparatus and optical equipment
20 7,016,126 Optical element holding system in projection optical system
21 7,016,124 Image-formation optical system and optical apparatus
22 7,016,123 Lens apparatus and image taking apparatus
23 7,016,122 Imaging apparatus
24 7,016,118 Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
25 7,016,114 Diffraction optical device and optical system including same
26 7,016,092 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
27 7,016,091 Image pickup apparatus, storing method of image data and storage medium thereof
28 7,016,089 Amplification-type solid state imaging device with reduced shading
29 7,016,088 Image reading apparatus
30 7,016,076 Image communication apparatus and method
31 7,016,066 Image output control apparatus, image output control method, and storage medium, for selecting between first and second output modes
32 7,016,065 Image processing method and apparatus with multiple coding units
33 7,016,049 Alignment apparatus, control method therefor, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing factory, and exposure apparatus maintenance method
34 7,016,012 Exposure apparatus
35 7,015,966 Reducing discontinuities in segmented imaging sensors
36 7,015,964 Solid-state image pickup device and method of resetting the same
37 7,015,959 Image pickup apparatus for picking up and recording still or moving images and a method for controlling the same
38 7,015,940 Scanning optical apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
39 7,015,638 Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
40 7,015,637 Substrate having fine line, electron source and image display apparatus
41 7,015,623 Vibration type drive unit
42 7,015,622 Control apparatus for vibration type actuator and electronic apparatus using it
43 7,015,524 Method of etching magnetic material, magnetoresistive film and magnetic random access memory
44 7,015,507 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
45 7,015,482 Electron beam writing equipment using plural beams and method
46 7,015,478 X-ray imaging apparatus
47 7,015,456 Exposure apparatus that acquires information regarding a polarization state of light from a light source
48 7,015,431 Image forming apparatus with at least two alternately-controlled electric heating elements
49 7,015,051 Method for inspecting semiconductor device
50 7,014,987 Manufacturing method of liquid jet head
51 7,014,969 Silica fine particle, toner, two-component developer and image forming method
52 7,014,925 Heterogeneous spiro compounds in organic light emitting device elements
53 7,014,748 Anodizing method, substrate processing method, and substrate manufacturing method
54 7,014,711 Liquid-phase growth apparatus and method
55 7,014,707 Apparatus and process for producing crystal article, and thermocouple used therein
56 7,014,641 Insertion device for intraocular lens
57 7,014,521 Display panel having a color filter and a protective layer of heat melted material and method of manufacturing the display panel
58 7,014,378 Printer and paper feed controller
59 7,014,306 Liquid reservoir apparatus
60 7,014,302 Ink jet recording apparatus
61 7,014,293 Recording apparatus
62 7,014,292 Ink jet recording apparatus
63 7,014,291 Ink jet recording apparatus
64 7,014,289 Image forming device
65 7,014,288 Recording apparatus and control method therefor
66 7,014,287 Solid semiconductor element, ink tank, ink jet recording apparatus provided with ink tank, liquid information acquiring method and liquid physical property change discriminating method
67 D517,556 Terminal module for network camera