Canon patents granted on 21 October 2008

43 US patents granted on 21 October 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,441,177 Information reproduction apparatus and method using maximum likelihood decoding
2 7,441,015 Method of undoing an operation remotely executed on a server station
3 7,440,880 Design support program and design support method
4 7,440,724 Cleaning member, cleaning unit, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image-forming apparatus
5 7,440,718 Developing apparatus featuring image defect supression
6 7,440,715 Electrophotographic photosensitive drum, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
7 7,440,711 Image-forming apparatus having cleaning roller to remove toner from transfer roller that facilitates transferring toner image from image-bearing member to recording material
8 7,440,709 Printing system, job processing method, and storage medium
9 7,440,707 Image generating apparatus with temperature and feed interval control for fusing section
10 7,440,706 Image formation apparatus
11 7,440,688 Image blur compensation apparatus
12 7,440,617 Communication system and control method thereof, and computer-readable memory
13 7,440,595 Method and apparatus for processing images
14 7,440,538 Radiation imaging apparatus
15 7,440,503 Decoding apparatus and decoding method in an order opposite to the encoding order
16 7,440,400 Transfer apparatus
17 7,440,151 Image reading apparatus
18 7,440,144 Image input/output apparatus
19 7,440,136 Color processing apparatus and method
20 7,440,134 Print control apparatus and method
21 7,440,122 Image processing apparatus managing user profiles, image processing method managing user profiles, and storage medium thereof
22 7,440,089 Method of measuring decentering of lens
23 7,440,023 Image pickup apparatus equipped with light emitting device and control method thereof
24 7,440,022 Image sensing apparatus with electronic shutter function and mechanical shutter function, and image sensing method
25 7,440,017 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system having the apparatus
26 7,440,007 Image-taking apparatus and optical adjustment method for an image-taking apparatus with displacement of the optical axis
27 7,439,999 Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus using the same
28 7,439,990 Surface selecting method and information processing apparatus
29 7,439,978 Information processing system, information processing method, storage medium, and program
30 7,439,949 Display apparatus in which reset or signal voltages is corrected for residual DC voltage and driving method for the same
31 7,439,881 Method and device for determining at least one multimedia data encoding parameter
32 7,439,707 Battery, charging device, and image capture system with battery identification means
33 7,439,661 Image display apparatus having ION pump including permanent magnet
34 7,439,653 Vibration wave driving apparatus
35 7,439,560 Semiconductor device using semiconductor nanowire and display apparatus and image pick-up apparatus using the same
36 7,439,282 Stimuli-responsive composition, and image-forming method and apparatus using the composition
37 7,438,560 Printed wiring board and electronic equipment
38 7,438,413 Ophthalmic image sensing apparatus
39 7,438,383 Inkjet recording apparatus
40 7,438,374 Inkjet printing apparatus, printing control method for inkjet printing apparatus, program, and storage medium
41 7,438,369 Recording apparatus having a device for detecting the presence or absence of a liquid
42 7,438,288 Recording apparatus
43 7,438,232 Two-dimensional code and information processing method