Canon patents granted on 22 April 2008

44 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,363,641 Aligning device, for a disk recording medium, having a sliding portion disposed between the medium and turntable guide portion
2 7,363,623 Services of remote software installation, configuration and afterward support, for network connected peripherals
3 7,363,405 Communication control apparatus and method
4 7,362,991 Image forming apparatus
5 7,362,989 Developing apparatus for image forming apparatus
6 7,362,982 Image-forming apparatus with inertial means selectively connected to fixing drive
7 7,362,966 Controlling apparatus for photographing system
8 7,362,961 Recording apparatus including plural storage means having standby modes
9 7,362,957 Reproducing apparatus
10 7,362,946 Automated visual image editing system
11 7,362,916 Radiation imaging method, radiation imaging apparatus, computer program and computer-readable recording medium
12 7,362,895 Image processing apparatus, image-taking system and image processing method
13 7,362,886 Age-based face recognition
14 7,362,860 Image data encryption method, image data transform method, apparatus for the methods, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
15 7,362,512 Lens apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
16 7,362,488 Tiltable-body apparatus, and method of fabricating the same
17 7,362,487 Optical element and optical scanning device using the same
18 7,362,471 Image-forming controller, method therefor, program, and storage medium
19 7,362,468 Image sensing device and image processing method
20 7,362,465 Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
21 7,362,456 Print job substitution in a copy job
22 7,362,416 Exposure apparatus, evaluation method and device fabrication method
23 7,362,369 Image-taking control apparatus for controlling a plurality of drivable parts of said apparatus such that each drivable part finishes its operation at substantially the same time
24 7,362,358 Correction of level difference between signals output from split read-out type image sensing apparatus
25 7,362,356 White balance correction including indicative white color determination based on regions in a divided image
26 7,362,353 Autofocus lens apparatus and image pickup system
27 7,362,324 Stereo image display apparatus and method, and storage medium
28 7,362,219 Information acquisition apparatus
29 7,362,013 Linear motor, exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
30 7,361,910 Movable stage apparatus
31 7,361,878 Image display apparatus and image pickup apparatus with two dimensional scanning
32 7,361,442 Developing method and developing assembly
33 7,361,441 Color toner, and full-color image-forming method
34 7,361,420 Structure, magnetic recording medium, and method of producing the same
35 7,361,414 Light emitting device and display apparatus using same
36 7,361,400 Developer carrier, developing device using the developer carrier, and process cartridge using the developer carrier
37 7,361,278 Process for producing mass transfer device and apparatus for production thereof
38 7,360,956 Camera with strap through hole in protruding area of object side surface
39 7,360,876 Liquid supply system, fluid communicating structure, ink supply system, and inkjet recording head utilizing the fluid communicating structure
40 7,360,869 Image processing and ink-jet recording apparatus for carrying out processing for reducing amount of ink delivered from recording apparatus to recording medium
41 7,360,857 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
42 7,360,856 Printing apparatus and printing method
43 7,360,852 Image forming system and image forming apparatus
44 7,360,366 Cooling apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method