Canon patents granted on 22 August 2006

33 US patents granted on 22 August 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,096,429 Device search apparatus
2 7,095,982 Communication apparatus for communication with communication network, image pickup apparatus for inter-apparatus communication, and communication apparatus for communication with the same image pickup apparatus
3 7,095,978 Sheet post-processing apparatus having offset mounting means
4 7,095,977 Image formation apparatus and image formation method
5 7,095,976 Heating apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
6 7,095,970 Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
7 7,095,968 Image forming method and apparatus for setting an image forming parameter based on a printing medium
8 7,095,967 Image developing apparatus, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and developing unit frame
9 7,095,966 Image forming apparatus and unit, and storage medium mounted in the unit
10 7,095,965 Image forming apparatus
11 7,095,964 Image forming apparatus determining an indicating level of a utilized amount of a developing apparatus and a control method thereof
12 7,095,830 Communication apparatus, communication method, and storage medium
13 7,095,566 Drive controller for lens apparatus
14 7,095,563 Anamorphic converter, lens system, and shooting system
15 7,095,535 Original scanning apparatus
16 7,095,525 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
17 7,095,521 Information processing method and apparatus
18 7,095,520 Information processing apparatus and system, information processing method and device driver
19 7,095,515 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
20 7,095,514 Image processing system for preventing forgery
21 7,095,509 Aberration measuring method for projection optical system with a variable numerical aperture in an exposure apparatus
22 7,095,497 Beam splitting apparatus, transmittance measurement apparatus, and exposure apparatus
23 7,095,481 Exposure method and apparatus
24 7,095,480 Cooling apparatus
25 7,095,441 Image pick-up apparatus having plural pixels with different transmittances and being operable in different modes
26 7,095,434 Image sensing apparatus with sensor displacement capability
27 7,095,424 Image display apparatus and method, and storage medium
28 7,095,168 Electron source forming substrate, and electron source and image display apparatus using the same
29 7,095,001 Image sensing apparatus and method performing blur correction using electrical coordinate conversion
30 7,094,625 Field effect transistor and method of producing the same
31 7,094,477 Luminescence device and display apparatus
32 7,094,123 Method of manufacturing an electron emitting device with carbon nanotubes
33 7,094,120 Phosphor screen substrate, image display device using the same, and manufacturing methods thereof