Canon patents granted on 22 June 2010

51 US patents granted on 22 June 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,743,426 Information data and management data processing apparatus and method
2 7,743,374 Network system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program for remote driver installation
3 7,743,228 Information processing apparatus and method for obtaining software processing log
4 7,743,120 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
5 7,743,034 Document management method, network system, and information processing apparatus
6 7,743,004 Pulse signal circuit, parallel processing circuit, and pattern recognition system
7 7,742,786 Wireless network system, wireless communication device and connection set-up method
8 7,742,743 Reduced frame collision wireless communication system having communication device mode switching
9 7,742,742 Communication device and method for setting communication parameters
10 7,742,736 Sheet size detecting apparatus
11 7,742,735 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
12 7,742,724 Developer supply container and image forming apparatus
13 7,742,710 Image forming apparatus including two toner accomodation portions
14 7,742,695 Camera system and lens apparatus
15 7,742,694 Optical apparatus with aperture controller
16 7,742,572 X-ray imaging apparatus and x-ray imaging method
17 7,742,203 Image reading apparatus
18 7,742,201 Control method for document scanning device
19 7,742,197 Image processing apparatus that extracts character strings from a image that has had a light color removed, and control method thereof
20 7,742,196 Information processing apparatus and method for processing information
21 7,742,192 Image processing method and system
22 7,742,190 Image processing method and apparatus
23 7,742,189 Optical scanning apparatus
24 7,742,183 Method and apparatus for format conversion of printing data
25 7,742,181 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
26 7,742,180 Dust and/or dirt detection in image reading apparatus having read-while-feed function
27 7,742,179 Data processing apparatus, power control method, computer-readable storage medium and computer program
28 7,742,147 Exposure apparatus
29 7,742,128 Hybrid color display apparatus having large pixel and small pixel display modes
30 7,742,097 Optical device and control method thereof
31 7,742,096 Image pickup apparatus including a lens barrel opening and closing a lens barrier protecting a lens and control method therefor, and control program for implementing the control method
32 7,742,095 Information processing apparatus, method and storage medium
33 7,742,086 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
34 7,742,075 Lens driving device, image stabilizing unit, and image pickup apparatus
35 7,742,067 Image forming apparatus having a exposure control unit capable of changing an exposure ratio between a first exposure ratio and a second exposure ratio different from the first exposure ratio when a first exposure unit or second exposure unit exposes an image carrier on the basis of image data for forming an image with a certain density
36 7,741,851 Potential measuring apparatus
37 7,741,850 Electric potential measuring apparatus, and image forming apparatus
38 7,741,767 Image display apparatus having first and second regions with respective luminances
39 7,741,760 Display apparatus
40 7,741,593 Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
41 7,741,590 Image sensor and image sensing apparatus comprising waveguide and multilayer wiring structure
42 7,741,389 Resin composition and molded article
43 7,741,243 Production method of catalyst layer
44 7,741,069 Mesoporous material having dendritic skeleton containing immobilized glucose dehydrogenase
45 7,740,999 Toner
46 7,740,998 Positively chargeable developer
47 7,740,992 Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and exposure mask
48 7,740,958 Organic light-emitting device
49 7,740,697 Aqueous ink, ink cartridge using the same, inkjet printing method and recorded matter
50 7,740,333 Printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus using restriction circuit for restricting input of signals
51 7,739,790 Electron-emitting device manufacturing method, electron source manufacturing method, image-forming apparatus manufacturing method, and information displaying and playing apparatus manufacturing method