Canon patents granted on 22 March 2016

88 US patents granted on 22 March 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,294,835 Image capturing apparatus, signal processing apparatus and method
2 9,294,747 Display apparatus, information processing apparatus, image display system, display apparatus control method and information processing apparatus control method
3 9,294,744 Image sensor and image sensing apparatus with plural vertical output lines
4 9,294,701 Image pickup apparatus, method for driving image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and method for driving image pickup system
5 9,294,699 Method for driving image pickup device, method for correcting digital signal, image pickup device, method for driving image capturing system, and image capturing system
6 9,294,692 Image pickup apparatus having photoelectric coversion units, method of driving image pickup apparatus, and method of driving image pickup system
7 9,294,682 Information processing device, information processing method, and program for light source estimation
8 9,294,678 Display control apparatus and control method for display control apparatus
9 9,294,677 Image stabilization control apparatus and imaging apparatus with correction value based on outputs of first and second vibration detection units
10 9,294,675 Image pickup apparatus capable of detecting motion vector, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
11 9,294,668 Ranging apparatus, imaging apparatus, and ranging method
12 9,294,664 Image display apparatus that displays a menu corresponding to an object, image display method that displays a menu corresponding to an object, and storage medium thereof
13 9,294,633 Communication control apparatus and method for controlling the same
14 9,293,886 Laser apparatus and photoacoustic apparatus
15 9,293,506 Detection apparatus, detection system, and method for manufacturing detection apparatus
16 9,293,493 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image sensing system
17 9,293,492 Imaging apparatus
18 9,293,486 Image capturing device
19 9,293,292 Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
20 9,293,115 Display apparatus and control method thereof
21 9,293,113 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
22 9,293,085 Pixel circuit which corrects variations in threshold voltage for a driving transistor and driving method thereof
23 9,292,947 Image processing apparatus and an image processing method for generating mosaic image(s)
24 9,292,932 Three dimension measurement method, three dimension measurement program and robot device
25 9,292,930 Method, apparatus and system for determining a boundary of an obstacle which occludes an object in an image
26 9,292,928 Depth constrained superpixel-based depth map refinement
27 9,292,925 Imaging system and control method thereof
28 9,292,907 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
29 9,292,806 Apparatus, method, and program for managing network instrument connected to network
30 9,292,777 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
31 9,292,774 Image forming apparatus, image forming method
32 9,292,773 Image display apparatus, printing system, and program configured to print image projected by the image display apparatus
33 9,292,770 Information processing apparatus, method and medium
34 9,292,760 Apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
35 9,292,745 Object detection apparatus and method therefor
36 9,292,653 High-resolution melting analysis
37 9,292,528 Information processing apparatus, method, and medium for processing files stored in a storage medium
38 9,292,233 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
39 9,292,230 Print management systems
40 9,292,188 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
41 9,292,078 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
42 9,292,075 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling power state shift and clearing or not clearing a shift time measured
43 9,291,994 Cartridge and image forming apparatus
44 9,291,993 Drive transmission mechanism and image forming apparatus provided with the same
45 9,291,991 Image forming apparatus
46 9,291,990 Image forming apparatus
47 9,291,984 Connector for heater, and fixing apparatus
48 9,291,983 Image forming apparatus, control method and program
49 9,291,982 Driving transmission device and image forming apparatus
50 9,291,976 Image forming apparatus having a conveying path, option apparatus and image forming system
51 9,291,974 Image forming apparatus executing a plurality of types of misregistration correction control
52 9,291,973 Image forming apparatus for performing color registration control based on detection result of patch image
53 9,291,960 Image forming apparatus supplying or shutting off AC voltage to heat generating member
54 9,291,958 Image heating apparatus, heater and belt replacing method
55 9,291,957 Image forming apparatus with reciprocating mechanism for cleaning blade
56 9,291,946 Developing device having overlapping seal members, and process cartridge
57 9,291,945 Developing unit
58 9,291,942 Developer accommodating unit, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
59 9,291,941 Developer conveyance apparatus and process cartridge
60 9,291,937 Image forming apparatus that calculates correction value for generating pseudo BD signal during period until polygon mirror reaches steady rotation
61 9,291,936 Image-forming apparatus with electro-conductive resin layer having resin particles and process cartridge
62 9,291,932 Image forming apparatus having misregistration correction
63 9,291,922 Method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
64 9,291,921 Detection apparatus, exposure apparatus, device fabrication method and filter to reduce a difference between detected intensity values of lights having different wavelength ranges
65 9,291,912 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing article
66 9,291,903 Forming method and substrate
67 9,291,882 Projection-type display apparatus with a keystone correction feature for correcting keystone distortion in a projection image
68 9,291,881 Imaging apparatus
69 9,291,804 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
70 9,291,803 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
71 9,291,800 Lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the same
72 9,291,749 Imaging optical system and method for manufacturing lens array
73 9,291,748 Anti-reflection structure with graded refractive index layer and optical apparatus including same
74 9,291,445 Optical coherence tomographic apparatus
75 9,290,818 Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
76 9,290,597 (Meth)acrylate compound, optical composition, molded article, and optical element
77 9,290,023 Printing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
78 9,290,012 Print control apparatus and method for duplex printing on a continuous sheet
79 9,290,006 Image forming apparatus for measuring the color of a measurement image
80 9,289,996 Inkjet recording apparatus
81 9,289,988 Liquid ejection head
82 9,289,984 Liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
83 9,289,958 Method for manufacturing resin-made roller shaft, molding die, and resin-made roller shaft
84 9,289,914 Image forming apparatus and cutting device
85 9,289,126 Subject information obtaining apparatus, subject information obtaining method, and program
86 9,289,118 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
87 9,289,117 Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
88 9,289,116 Image processing apparatus and image processing method