Canon patents granted on 22 May 2012

68 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,185,958 Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and methods thereof
2 8,185,939 Login control for multiple applications
3 8,185,792 Data-transmission device data-reception device and data-transmission-and-reception system
4 8,185,677 Data reproducing apparatus, content management method, program, and storage medium
5 8,185,673 Information processing apparatus, and method for controlling the same
6 8,185,595 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
7 8,185,565 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
8 8,185,504 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
9 8,185,423 Just-in time workflow
10 8,185,340 Analysis apparatus and analysis method
11 8,185,039 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
12 8,185,035 Image forming system
13 8,185,026 Image forming apparatus
14 8,185,023 Developer container, developing apparatus and process cartridge
15 8,185,013 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus including a regulating member for limiting cartridge movement
16 8,185,006 Magnetic material detecting device
17 8,185,003 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof featuring image member surface data detection
18 8,184,997 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system
19 8,184,907 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
20 8,184,902 Image combining apparatus and control method for the same
21 8,184,662 Communication system, communication apparatus, and control method thereof
22 8,184,386 Fresnel lens and injection mold
23 8,184,382 Image pickup apparatus
24 8,184,377 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
25 8,184,354 Light-amount adjusting apparatus, optical apparatus, and method for manufacturing the light-amount adjusting apparatus
26 8,184,350 Image display apparatus
27 8,184,349 Color management system
28 8,184,348 Color separation method and image processing apparatus
29 8,184,344 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, computer program and storage medium
30 8,184,342 Recording apparatus
31 8,184,341 Image reading apparatus, image reading method, and storage medium
32 8,184,339 Data generation and printing with binarization pattern selected as function of pixel number corresponding to conveying amount of print medium
33 8,184,337 Image processing apparatus and method to output a print image embedded with information indicating a region obtained by merging a region on an input image corresponding to a specified image region, and a surrounding region of that region on the input image
34 8,184,334 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for the same
35 8,184,329 Print processing execution apparatus, history information processing method, program, and recording medium
36 8,184,328 Printing apparatus and control method for authenticating a user for operating the apparatus
37 8,184,327 Image data processing apparatus, image data processing method, and program
38 8,184,322 Image forming system, device managing method thereof, and program therefor
39 8,184,321 Information processing apparatus with print function groupings, control method therefor, and computer program
40 8,184,313 Apparatus, system and method for performing attended or unattended printing
41 8,184,311 Image processing system
42 8,184,310 Approval workflow management system and printing apparatus with control over file editing restrictions
43 8,184,309 Printing system and job processing method with inhibition and designation of function and deletion of associated jobs
44 8,184,289 Spectral colorimetric apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
45 8,184,263 Measurement apparatus and exposure apparatus
46 8,184,261 Exposure apparatus
47 8,184,214 Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
48 8,184,193 Display control apparatus, image pickup apparatus, display control method, and storage medium
49 8,184,192 Imaging apparatus that performs an object region detection processing and method for controlling the imaging apparatus
50 8,184,189 Image sensing device and image sensing system
51 8,184,177 White balance control apparatus, control method therefor, and image sensing apparatus
52 8,184,167 Optical apparatus having magnet member
53 8,184,134 Display apparatus
54 8,183,828 Charging apparatus
55 8,183,767 Display apparatus and imaging system using the same
56 8,183,604 Solid state image pickup device inducing an amplifying MOS transistor having particular conductivity type semiconductor layers, and camera using the same device
57 8,183,564 Multicolor display apparatus
58 8,183,084 Methods of manufacturing solid state image pickup devices
59 8,183,058 Target substance detection element, target substance detection method, and method for producing target substance detection element
60 8,182,660 Power supply apparatus and deposition method using the power supply apparatus
61 8,182,405 Developing roller, developing roller production method, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
62 8,182,197 Gripping device and system including the same
63 8,182,164 Printing apparatus and print setting method
64 8,182,101 Illumination optical system having the longest air interspace distance between a first and a second optical unit where a specific condition is satisfied for the optical system
65 8,182,092 Image display apparatus
66 8,182,072 Substrate for inkjet printing head and method for manufacturing the substrate
67 8,181,950 Sheet processing apparatus having punching unit
68 8,181,850 Anti-tamper using barcode degradation