Canon patents granted on 22 November 2016

86 US patents granted on 22 November 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,504,128 Image display device and control method thereof
2 9,504,096 Heater and image heating apparatus including the same
3 9,503,655 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system
4 9,503,647 Image stabilizer, image pickup apparatus having the same, and control method of image stabilizer
5 9,503,646 Image blur correction apparatus, optical apparatus, and method thereof
6 9,503,633 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
7 9,503,616 Image capturing apparatus
8 9,503,607 Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same
9 9,503,601 Printing apparatus having plurality of power states and control method therefor
10 9,503,600 Image forming apparatus that shifts into different power saving states and control method thereof
11 9,503,599 Apparatus, system and method for managing background processing on an image processing device
12 9,503,598 Image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus control method, and storage medium storing program
13 9,503,591 Image processing apparatus, mobile terminal, system, methods of controlling these, and storage medium
14 9,503,590 Imaging apparatus, method of controlling imaging apparatus, and program
15 9,503,588 Image device, image device controlling method, and program
16 9,503,587 Information processing apparatus, control method of information processing apparatus, and storage medium storing program
17 9,503,005 Control device and stepping motor control method
18 9,502,644 Method for manufacturing magnetoresistive device
19 9,502,465 Solid-state image pickup device
20 9,502,460 Photoelectric conversion element and method of manufacturing the same
21 9,502,452 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and image pickup apparatus driving method
22 9,502,451 Imaging device having electrode overlying photoelectric conversion layer and having electrical contact to electrode
23 9,502,306 Pattern formation method that includes partially removing line and space pattern
24 9,502,223 Sputtering apparatus, target and shield
25 9,502,204 Transmission-type X-ray target and radiation generating tube including the same
26 9,501,982 Calibration apparatus, control method thereof, and image display apparatus
27 9,501,979 Image display apparatus and control method thereof
28 9,501,965 Image display apparatus and control method thereof
29 9,501,962 Image display device
30 9,501,870 Mixed reality image processing apparatus and mixed reality image processing method
31 9,501,845 Information processing apparatus and information processing method for converting shape and color data
32 9,501,842 Image processing apparatus and image processing method with color correction of observation target
33 9,501,726 Printing apparatus, information processing device, and printing method
34 9,501,723 Method of classifying objects in scenes
35 9,501,688 Apparatus, processing method and storage medium storing program
36 9,501,430 X-ray imaging system, information processing apparatus, methods for controlling x-ray imaging system and information processing apparatus, and recording medium
37 9,501,253 Communication apparatus, control method thereof, printing apparatus, and storage medium
38 9,501,249 Printing apparatus and print control method controlling printing based on measured detection pattern
39 9,501,121 Job processing apparatus using multiple power sources and method of controlling the same
40 9,501,034 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
41 9,501,032 Process cartridge having projected portions and recessed portions provided on surface of charging member and image forming apparatus thereof
42 9,501,031 Packaged cartridge, packing material and cartridge
43 9,501,029 Connection mechanism and image forming apparatus
44 9,501,028 Unit moving apparatus and image forming apparatus
45 9,501,021 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus having binding processing function
46 9,501,019 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
47 9,501,017 Image forming apparatus that suppresses fluctuations in density of successively formed images even if charge amount of developer changes
48 9,501,016 Image forming apparatus, control method thereof and storage medium
49 9,501,012 Fixing apparatus for fixing a toner image to a recording medium
50 9,501,010 Fixing apparatus
51 9,501,008 Fixing device having exciting coil provided outside of a first rotatable member and configured to generate a magnetic flux for electromagnetic induction heating of the member
52 9,501,007 Image forming apparatus
53 9,501,003 Image forming apparatus
54 9,501,002 Replacement endless belt with lubrication layers
55 9,501,000 Image forming apparatus
56 9,500,999 Image forming apparatus having positioning of transfer unit interlocked with closing of main body door
57 9,500,995 Developer accommodating container and process cartridge
58 9,500,991 Developing apparatus having supply device with compound spiral portions
59 9,500,988 Developing apparatus
60 9,500,987 Image forming apparatus
61 9,500,981 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
62 9,500,980 Image forming apparatus of electrophotographic system
63 9,500,979 Cartridge and image forming apparatus
64 9,500,977 Roller member, roller supporting mechanism, and metallic shaft for forming an image with a laser
65 9,500,975 Magnetic carrier and two-component developer
66 9,500,972 Toner
67 9,500,970 Toner
68 9,500,967 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method for producing the same, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
69 9,500,966 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
70 9,500,965 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus, and gallium phthalocyanine crystal
71 9,500,964 Lithography apparatus, power supplying method, and article manufacturing method
72 9,500,934 Light quantity control apparatus, optical apparatus and image pickup apparatus
73 9,500,877 Lens driving unit, and lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the same
74 9,500,842 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
75 9,500,755 Radiation imaging apparatus, determination apparatus, method of controlling radiation imaging apparatus, calibration method, and storage medium
76 9,499,704 Ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method
77 9,499,702 Transfer image recording method and ink
78 9,499,365 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
79 9,499,342 Belt driving apparatus and image forming apparatus
80 9,498,993 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and medium storing program
81 9,498,984 Apparatus and method for recording
82 9,498,962 Printing device
83 9,498,961 Printing apparatus and driving method therefor
84 9,498,956 Liquid ejection head, method for cleaning the head, recording apparatus provided with the head
85 9,498,173 Mobile radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system
86 9,498,119 Adaptive optics system and control method of the same, testing apparatus and control method of the same, information processing apparatus and control method of the same, and computer-readable storage medium