Canon patents granted on 23 April 2013

68 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,429,706 Method and device for transmitting data
2 8,429,703 Video distribution apparatus, viewer apparatus, video distribution system including these apparatuses, control method for the video distribution apparatus, control method for the viewer apparatus, and computer program for the apparatuses
3 8,429,563 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
4 8,429,550 Image processing apparatus that can be remotely controlled and control method therefor
5 8,429,505 Error-correction data generation apparatus and generation method
6 8,429,397 Generating an encryption font by converting character codes and recording the encryption font in a unique tag
7 8,428,769 Method for making optical element, and image forming apparatus
8 8,428,763 Management apparatus, exposure method, and method of manufacturing device
9 8,428,494 Driving device and image forming apparatus
10 8,428,491 Image forming apparatus
11 8,428,490 Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
12 8,428,487 Image forming apparatus featuring a temperature controlled fan
13 8,428,478 Image forming apparatus
14 8,428,477 Image forming apparatus
15 8,428,474 Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
16 8,428,455 Image pickup unit and image pickup apparatus
17 8,428,423 Reproducing apparatus for video data
18 8,428,356 Image processing device and image processing method for generating electronic document with a table line determination portion
19 8,428,329 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
20 8,428,230 Communication apparatus performing communication via network using phone number, control method for the same, and storage medium
21 8,428,155 Printed circuit board
22 8,427,762 Optical system and optical apparatus including the optical system
23 8,427,745 Telescope
24 8,427,709 Imaging apparatus
25 8,427,707 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
26 8,427,700 Printing system, data processing method, and program for the data processing method
27 8,427,696 Color processing method and apparatus thereof
28 8,427,683 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
29 8,427,674 Information processing apparatus with template control of process flow in a print device
30 8,427,671 Image processing apparatus capable of timely notifying user of change in state, control method thereof, and image processing system
31 8,427,665 Printing control apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
32 8,427,663 Image outputting apparatus holding output request for image data
33 8,427,659 Information processing apparatus which can selectively operate as storage device or printer device, method of controlling same, recording medium and printer which can selectively operate as storage device or printer device
34 8,427,614 Reflective liquid-crystal display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
35 8,427,567 Image sensing apparatus and image capturing system
36 8,427,565 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
37 8,427,564 Driving method for solid-state imaging apparatus, and image system
38 8,427,558 Image pickup apparatus
39 8,427,556 Image pickup apparatus with controlling of setting of position of cropping area
40 8,427,555 Imaging apparatus for displaying an area wider than a recording area
41 8,427,554 Imaging apparatus and control method therefor
42 8,427,549 Apparatus, method, and recording medium for displaying a pixel having a predetermined luminance in an output image to be identifiable from a position
43 8,427,544 Control apparatus, control system, command transmission method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
44 8,427,539 Camera control apparatus and method, and camera control system
45 8,427,519 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with movable light emitting member support
46 8,426,859 Semiconductor device and light-emitting device using the same
47 8,426,794 Photoelectric conversion device having a light-shielding film
48 8,426,323 Substrate processing apparatus, substrate annealing method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
49 8,426,291 Method for isolation formation in manufacturing semiconductor device
50 8,426,243 Amorphous oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor using the same
51 8,426,235 Method for manufacturing capacitive electromechanical transducer
52 8,426,094 Magnetic toner
53 8,426,091 Magnetic toner and image-forming method
54 8,426,080 Gas replacement method of fuel cell, fuel cell system and device for fuel cell system
55 8,425,750 Fluid structure control device
56 8,425,714 Manufacturing method of hermetic container
57 8,425,038 Control apparatus, control method, and ophthalmologic apparatus including the control apparatus
58 8,425,036 Optical tomographic imaging apparatus and control method for the same
59 8,425,027 Clear ink, ink jet recording method, ink set, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus
60 8,425,024 Liquid ejection apparatus and printing apparatus
61 8,425,022 Ink container for ink jet printer, holder for the container, carriage for the holder, and ink jet printer
62 8,425,012 Liquid ejection recording head including an element generating energy used to eject liquid and method of manufacturing the same
63 8,425,008 Liquid discharge head and recording apparatus using the same
64 8,424,994 Printer, control method thereof, and storage medium
65 8,424,991 Inkjet printing method and inkjet printing apparatus
66 8,424,988 Recording apparatus and recording position adjustment method
67 8,424,872 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 8,424,866 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus