Canon patents granted on 23 August 2011

52 US patents granted on 23 August 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 8,006,287 Network apparatus and control method therefor
2 8,005,898 Screen sharing system and data transfer method
3 8,005,564 Roll paper printing apparatus
4 8,005,414 Image heating apparatus
5 8,005,413 Image heating apparatus and pressure roller used for image heating apparatus
6 8,005,411 Image forming apparatus having a transfer unit including an elastic member
7 8,005,399 Image forming apparatus with integral unit of fixing unit and reverse rollers in main body
8 8,005,393 Image forming apparatus with cooling air blowing portions
9 8,005,386 Image forming apparatus having density sensor for developer bearing member
10 8,005,380 Image forming apparatus
11 8,005,354 Image pickup apparatus, light emission device, and image pickup system
12 8,005,311 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
13 8,005,298 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
14 8,005,213 Method, apparatus, and computer program for generating session keys for encryption of image data
15 8,004,937 Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
16 8,004,774 Lens apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
17 8,004,732 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
18 8,004,724 Method and apparatus for image reading with synchronized readout and lighting control
19 8,004,715 Image forming apparatus and method mitigating effects of pixel correction while compensation for shift in scanning position
20 8,004,712 Image processing apparatus and method
21 8,004,705 Printing system and printing method using transfer of compressed image data and compression pattern from host to printing apparatus
22 8,004,702 Print schedule control equipment, print schedule control method, and program therefor
23 8,004,701 Information processing method, information processing apparatus and program for generating and printing data
24 8,004,698 Image forming apparatus for combining a scanned image with other image data and printing the combined image in black and white or color based on a set mode
25 8,004,691 Measuring apparatus, exposure apparatus and method, and device manufacturing method
26 8,004,685 Substrate of target substance detection element to be used in apparatus for detecting target substance by utilizing surface plasmon resonance and detection element and detection apparatus using same
27 8,004,657 Exposure apparatus, control method for the same, and device manufacturing method
28 8,004,570 Image processing apparatus, image-pickup apparatus, and image processing method
29 8,004,189 Organic light-emitting device and display apparatus using the same
30 8,004,185 Display apparatus
31 8,004,173 Antistatic film, spacer using it and picture display unit
32 8,004,132 Coreless motor
33 8,003,987 Reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal projector system
34 8,003,981 Field effect transistor using oxide film for channel and method of manufacturing the same
35 8,003,961 Electromagnetic wave generating device, electromagnetic wave integrated device, and electromagnetic wave detector
36 8,003,939 Foreign matter or abnormal unsmoothness inspection apparatus and foreign matter or abnormal unsmoothness inspection method
37 8,003,321 Method of detecting DNA of arthroderma gypseum
38 8,003,238 Structured material, magnetic recording medium utilizing the same, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
39 8,003,172 Process for producing an electrophotographic belt
40 8,002,947 Plasma treatment system and cleaning method of the same
41 8,002,602 Manufacturing method of vacuum airtight container
42 8,002,411 Fundus camera
43 8,002,402 Recording apparatus
44 8,002,401 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
45 8,002,397 Ink container, ink container set, and ink jet recording apparatus
46 8,002,374 Printhead driving method, printhead substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
47 8,002,370 Serial data transfer method, electric device, and printing apparatus
48 8,002,275 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus having a first skew feeding correction unit and a second skew feeding correction unit
49 8,002,272 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
50 8,002,268 Sheet feeding device and recording apparatus with separating means
51 8,001,921 Liquid application device and inkjet recording apparatus
52 8,001,720 Data processing apparatus, printing apparatus and method of creating mask pattern