Canon patents granted on 23 February 2016

113 US patents granted on 23 February 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 RE45,900 Imaging apparatus and control method
2 9,271,312 Communication apparatus, processing method thereof, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, and communication system
3 9,271,224 Communication apparatus, and communication method therefor
4 9,271,009 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
5 9,271,001 Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image decoding method, and storage medium
6 9,270,992 Image coding apparatus, image coding method and program, image decoding apparatus, and image decoding method and program
7 9,270,968 Imaging apparatus and reproducing apparatus which changes frame rate based on zoom operation
8 9,270,967 Display control apparatus and display control method
9 9,270,914 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
10 9,270,913 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system
11 9,270,911 Image capturing apparatus
12 9,270,909 Imaging apparatus, method for controlling imaging apparatus and computer-readable storage medium for determining a correction value for an offset correction
13 9,270,907 Radiation imaging apparatus, control method for radiation imaging apparatus, and storage medium
14 9,270,905 Readout circuit, solid-state imaging apparatus, and method for driving readout circuit
15 9,270,903 Imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and method for manufacturing imaging apparatus
16 9,270,902 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium for obtaining information on focus control of a subject
17 9,270,900 Movie processing apparatus and control method therefor
18 9,270,896 Imaging apparatus, client device, imaging system, control method of imaging apparatus, control method of client device, and control method of imaging system
19 9,270,888 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
20 9,270,883 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
21 9,270,864 Color mixing inspection method, color mixing inspection apparatus and print apparatus
22 9,270,860 Data processing method, image forming apparatus and computer-readable storage medium for storing data in a plurality of boxes assigned as storage areas
23 9,270,856 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
24 9,270,853 Exporting and importing for display on an image forming apparatus environment setting information of an application
25 9,270,851 Image forming apparatus method and storage medium storing program for controlling display when the image forming appratus returns to an active state from a power-saving state
26 9,270,845 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
27 9,270,844 Image processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium that complement a domain to an address data item with no domain name
28 9,270,843 Information processing device, method, and program
29 9,270,839 Image processing apparatus having user login function, control method therefore, and storage medium
30 9,270,640 Communication device, control method for communication device, and storage medium
31 9,270,531 Communication apparatus, control method, and program
32 9,270,338 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
33 9,270,320 Wireless communication apparatus and control method therefor
34 9,270,209 Servo apparatus, and controlling method of servo apparatus
35 9,270,163 Power source, power failure detection apparatus, and image forming apparatus
36 9,270,125 Wireless power transfer system, control method of wireless power transfer system, wireless power transmitting apparatus, control method of wireless power transmitting apparatus, and storage medium
37 9,269,911 Organic light-emitting device
38 9,269,853 Luminescent device, optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus provided with the luminescent device and control method of the luminescent device
39 9,269,826 Amorphous oxide and thin film transistor
40 9,269,744 Manufacturing method of solid-state imaging apparatus
41 9,269,738 Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
42 9,269,557 Ionization device, mass spectrometer including the ionization device, and image generation system including the ionization device
43 9,269,395 Display control apparatus, display apparatus, and method for controlling the same
44 9,269,331 Information processing apparatus which cooperates with other apparatus, and information processing system in which a plurality of information processing apparatuses cooperates
45 9,269,163 Method and apparatus for compressing or decompressing light field images
46 9,269,131 Image processing apparatus with function of geometrically deforming image, image processing method therefor, and storage medium
47 9,269,031 Method of detecting regions in an edge-based representation
48 9,269,030 Job processing apparatus and job processing method
49 9,268,874 Information processing apparatus for receiving screen information from a web server and displaying a web browser screen, and control method therefor, storage medium, and information processing system and information processing method
50 9,268,869 Image processing apparatus that displays icon, method of controlling the same, image processing system, and storage medium
51 9,268,842 Information processing apparatus, control method for the same, and computer-readable recording medium
52 9,268,726 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
53 9,268,725 Data transferring apparatus and data transferring method
54 9,268,628 Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and storage medium
55 9,268,556 Image forming apparatus including firmware, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
56 9,268,515 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method, for transmitting print jobs to a printing control apparatus
57 9,268,512 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling information processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
58 9,268,510 Information processing apparatus and connection control method for searching for a printer having a predetermined function identified by identification information included in a beacon signal and sending a print request directly to the printer which is operating as an access point without going through an external access point
59 9,268,508 Information processing apparatus and sheet size setting method
60 9,268,507 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
61 9,268,504 Information processing device, image forming device, printing system control method, and storage medium for searching, retrieving image forming devices that are collectively registered on a service providing device
62 9,268,392 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
63 9,268,302 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with demountable image forming unit
64 9,268,293 Opening-closing mechanism and image-forming apparatus
65 9,268,290 Image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus control method, and storage medium
66 9,268,289 Image forming apparatus
67 9,268,282 Image forming apparatus and image forming system
68 9,268,281 Image forming apparatus
69 9,268,280 Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
70 9,268,275 Image forming apparatus with mechanism to narrow recording material feeding path
71 9,268,273 Pressure applying rotatable member, having a porous elastic layer with greater thermal conductivities in the axial and circumferential directions than in the thickness direction, and image heating apparatus having the same
72 9,268,270 Image heating apparatus
73 9,268,269 Image heating apparatus having motor for moving shutter or magnetic flux confining member
74 9,268,265 Image forming apparatus
75 9,268,264 Image forming apparatus with lubrication supply
76 9,268,263 Development apparatus and image forming apparatus
77 9,268,254 Image forming apparatus
78 9,268,253 Image forming apparatus with light amount control
79 9,268,252 Image forming apparatus and method with additional exposure of photoreceptor drum based on cycle of screen
80 9,268,251 Image forming apparatus
81 9,268,249 Charging device
82 9,268,248 Corona charger including shutter
83 9,268,243 Electrophotographic member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
84 9,268,240 Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device fabrication method
85 9,268,239 Exposure method and storage medium
86 9,268,222 Photosensitive negative resin composition, fine structure, production process of fine structure and liquid ejection head
87 9,268,196 Image capture apparatus, light emitting device, and and light emission amount calculation method
88 9,268,120 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
89 9,268,119 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
90 9,268,118 Zoom lens and image-pickup apparatus
91 9,268,108 Lens barrel capable of suppressing variation of attitude of optical element and image pickup apparatus using the same
92 9,267,902 Method of analyzing sample using secondary ion emitted from sample and analyzer for performing analysis method
93 9,267,878 Acoustic signal receiving apparatus and photo-acoustic tomography
94 9,267,852 Microfluidic devices with integrated resistive heater electrodes including systems and methods for controlling and measuring the temperatures of such heater electrodes
95 9,267,841 Color measurement device and image forming apparatus
96 9,267,840 Photoelectric conversion apparatus that amplifies reference voltages corresponding to pixel signals of different colors at different gains
97 9,267,820 Two-dimensional absolute encoder and scale with marks each having one of a plurality of different characteristic values
98 9,267,790 Measuring device of measurement object, calculating device, measurement method, and method for producing item
99 9,266,695 Printing system, control method thereof, and storage medium
100 9,266,692 Conveying apparatus and recording apparatus with movable drive roller and movable pinch roller
101 9,266,346 Color mixing detection method, color mixing detection apparatus, and printing apparatus for inkjet printing head
102 9,266,341 Liquid tank holding mechanism
103 9,266,339 Printing element substrate, liquid ejection head and inkjet printing apparatus
104 9,266,334 Inkjet recording apparatus and control method for the inkjet recording apparatus
105 9,266,331 Manufacturing method of substrate for liquid ejection head
106 9,266,330 Process for producing a semiconductor chip
107 9,266,329 Liquid ejection head
108 9,266,328 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
109 9,266,325 Print head and inkjet printing apparatus
110 9,266,237 Object gripping system, object gripping method, storage medium and robot system
111 9,265,474 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
112 9,265,424 Mammography apparatus
113 9,265,418 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program