Canon patents granted on 23 June 2009

61 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,552,476 Security against replay attacks of messages
2 7,552,435 Sorting and executing a set of functions by a server station in a communication network
3 7,552,432 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
4 7,552,362 Bridge, error notification method therefor and system
5 7,552,335 Information processing apparatus, method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
6 7,552,259 Document management system, document management method, program and storage medium
7 7,552,239 Network device mimic support
8 7,552,180 Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium
9 7,552,038 Information processor for supporting a sheet feeding machine design
10 7,551,881 Image forming apparatus with feature for decreasing the influence of electric discharge in image transfer member
11 7,551,880 Image forming apparatus featuring a cleaning device including a conductive support member provided so as to intersect a line segment connected between rotational centers of a charge member of a first image forming unit and a developing member of a second image forming unit
12 7,551,878 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
13 7,551,876 Image forming apparatus featuring accurate positioning of an intermediate transfer roller relative to a main body of the apparatus
14 7,551,873 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
15 7,551,871 Power supply device and image forming apparatus using the same
16 7,551,865 Image forming apparatus
17 7,551,841 Video camera
18 7,551,838 Moving picture recording apparatus and method thereof with correlating of representative image with thumbnail image recorded in thumbnail file corresponding to moving picture stream data referenced by reference moving picture data
19 7,551,835 Image pickup apparatus
20 7,551,797 White balance adjustment
21 7,551,790 Image capture apparatus capable of correcting captured image
22 7,551,753 Image processing apparatus and method therefor
23 7,551,369 Lens barrel and optical apparatus
24 7,551,338 Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus
25 7,551,330 Image reading device, method of controlling the same, control program, storage medium and image forming apparatus provided with the image reading device
26 7,551,318 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
27 7,551,311 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, program, and recording medium for displaying data of a recording medium
28 7,551,308 Communication apparatus, communication method, and memory medium for managing and displaying address management information
29 7,551,306 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the image forming apparatus
30 7,551,304 Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, method therefor, and system
31 7,551,302 Downloading of a control program corresponding to the type of the operating system
32 7,551,290 Absolute position measurement apparatus
33 7,551,281 Position sensor
34 7,551,269 Apparatus and method for obtaining information related to terahertz waves
35 7,551,264 Exposure apparatus
36 7,551,262 Exposure apparatus having a position detecting system and a wavelength detector
37 7,551,222 Image pickup apparatus with automatic focus lens, when auto focusing cannot be conducted focus lens is driven based on stored information of distance to object
38 7,551,221 Camera apparatus having an optical low pass filter and image pickup apparatus having the same
39 7,551,212 Image pickup apparatus for clamping optical black level to a predetermined level
40 7,551,191 Printing apparatus
41 7,551,184 Information processing apparatus and information processing method, and program
42 7,551,173 Pixel accurate edges for scanline rendering system
43 7,550,952 Electric power control apparatus, power generation system and power grid system
44 7,550,793 Image pickup device and camera with expanded dynamic range
45 7,550,733 Radiation imaging apparatus, apparatus control method, and computer-readable storage medium storing program for executing control
46 7,550,731 Coversion apparatus and imaging system
47 7,550,712 Optical scanning system with reduced spherical aberration and image forming apparatus using the same
48 7,550,594 Phenanthroline compound and organic light emitting device using same
49 7,550,305 Method of forming light-emitting element
50 7,550,252 Ink-jet recording head and method for producing same
51 7,550,180 Plasma treatment method
52 7,550,037 Ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus
53 7,549,810 Light amount adjusting apparatus and image pickup apparatus
54 7,549,798 Radiographic imaging apparatus, imaging unit and radiographic imaging system
55 7,549,775 Light source apparatus and image display apparatus having same
56 7,549,734 Liquid discharge head
57 7,549,720 Ink-jet recording device and ink-jet recording control method
58 7,549,633 Sheet conveying apparatus, image recording apparatus, and image reading apparatus
59 7,549,631 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
60 7,549,629 Image forming apparatus
61 7,549,623 Image forming apparatus with paper feed direction specifying means