Canon patents granted on 23 March 2010

77 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,685,521 Information searching apparatus, method and memory medium therefor
2 7,685,517 Image editing of documents with image and non-image pages
3 7,685,429 Signature-generation method, signature-verification method, public-key distribution method, and information-processing apparatus
4 7,685,344 Method of setting priority of devices connected to bus, and apparatus having a plurality of devices and arbiter
5 7,685,318 Electronic device and control method thereof
6 7,685,240 E-mail communication apparatus, e-mail communication method and program
7 7,685,239 Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium
8 7,684,943 Probe carrier management method, probe carrier manufacturing apparatus and probe carrier managing apparatus
9 7,684,785 Method of communication in a network
10 7,684,745 Image heating apparatus
11 7,684,726 Image forming apparatus having the outer cover including acoustic insulation and heat conductive layers
12 7,684,724 Image heating apparatus
13 7,684,723 Image forming apparatus having storage battery
14 7,684,719 Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
15 7,684,716 Image forming apparatus with magnetic flux detection
16 7,684,715 Image forming apparatus capable of stably maintaining an image density
17 7,684,693 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
18 7,684,692 Camera with shutter speed detection and correction
19 7,684,691 Image capture apparatus and control method thereof
20 7,684,684 Image sensing apparatus having autofocus function, and method of controlling same
21 7,684,680 Apparatus for recording signals on disk recording medium
22 7,684,644 Variable-length encoding for image data compression
23 7,684,636 Edge correction apparatus, edge correction method, program, and storage medium
24 7,684,460 Surface emitting laser device
25 7,684,455 Oscillator and imaging apparatus utilizing resonant tunneling diode structure
26 7,684,296 Information recording/reproducing apparatus having control circuit of spindle motor
27 7,684,136 Driving system and optical-element driving system
28 7,684,102 Oscillator device and image forming apparatus using the same
29 7,684,099 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
30 7,684,094 Image optical system and image reading apparatus equipped with same
31 7,684,089 Printer and printing method
32 7,684,079 Image forming apparatus and its control method
33 7,684,078 Image forming apparatus
34 7,684,077 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
35 7,684,070 Printing system, information processing apparatus and method, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
36 7,684,069 Document management system, document management method, and program for implementing the method
37 7,684,066 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling printing operations to a plurality of printers, and a program for implementing the control method
38 7,684,064 Print job authentication
39 7,684,063 Image processing method and apparatus, storage medium and program for achieving concordance between print colors and display colors
40 7,684,062 Information processing apparatus, device setting method, and computer-readable memory storing device driver program therein
41 7,684,050 Shape measuring apparatus, shape measuring method, and exposure apparatus
42 7,684,044 Sensor device
43 7,683,973 Image processing method and apparatus performing color adjustment
44 7,683,957 Image sensing apparatus for stable clamping operation and draining unnecessary charges
45 7,683,943 Image recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, method of controlling image recording apparatus, method of controlling image reproducing apparatus, computer program, and recording medium
46 7,683,942 Information recording apparatus and control method thereof
47 7,683,940 Streaming non-continuous video data
48 7,683,933 Image display apparatus, image display system, and image display method
49 7,683,932 Storage apparatus and control method
50 7,683,909 Image management device and method for managing plurality of images
51 7,683,778 Apparatus for detecting information on object
52 7,683,533 Organic electroluminescent device provided with a polarizing plate, a prism member and a phase member in a stacked arrangement
53 7,683,528 Structure, electron emitting device, secondary battery, electron source, and image display device
54 7,683,388 Image pickup device with color filter arranged for each color on interlayer lenses
55 7,683,337 Radiographic apparatus and control method therefor
56 7,683,328 Photographing control apparatus and method
57 7,683,325 Image forming apparatus
58 7,682,779 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
59 7,682,765 Toner for developing electrostatic images
60 7,682,651 Method for manufacturing display device
61 7,682,595 Process of producing lithium metal composite oxide particles
62 7,682,567 Sensor for analyzing or identifying property of object, sensing apparatus using same, and sensing method
63 7,682,433 Ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
64 7,682,213 Method of manufacturing an electron emitting device by terminating a surface of a carbon film with hydrogen
65 7,681,993 Circuit board for ink jet head, method of manufacturing the same, and ink jet head using the same
66 7,681,992 Element substrate, and printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus using the element substrate
67 7,681,990 Liquid jetting apparatus and method for switchably driving heaters
68 7,681,988 Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus with nozzle member having an ink-repellent layer
69 7,681,984 Image reading and recording apparatus
70 7,681,977 Temperature detection circuit for recording head and recording device therewith
71 7,681,973 Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet print head, ink jet printing method, and method and program for setting print conditions
72 7,681,972 Element substrate, recording head using the element substrate, and recording apparatus
73 7,681,880 Sheet delivery apparatus
74 7,681,872 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
75 7,681,797 Image processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, program, and storage medium
76 7,681,434 Sensing device
77 7,681,379 Packing method, packing member and manufacturing method therefor