Canon patents granted on 23 May 2006

47 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,051,287 Display device with frame reduction, display control method thereof, and storage medium
2 7,051,281 Remotely controllable user interface display apparatus and method of controlling same
3 7,051,048 Data management system, data management method, and program
4 7,050,974 Environment adaptation for speech recognition in a speech communication system
5 7,050,752 Sheet treating apparatus, method of mounting sheet treating apparatus, and image forming apparatus
6 7,050,751 Image forming system with temporary storage trays between sheet storage units and image forming apparatus
7 7,050,748 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
8 7,050,746 Image forming apparatus which controls transferring timing to the paper according to a change of process speed
9 7,050,744 Image forming apparatus
10 7,050,733 Image forming apparatus including two developer carrying members wherein potential differences between the developer carrying members and a common voltage source differ
11 7,050,729 Image forming apparatus
12 7,050,728 Developer supply container detachably mountable to image forming apparatus detecting the amount of developer remaining in the container
13 7,050,727 Storage control method for a memory provided in a removable cartridge in an image forming apparatus
14 7,050,657 Image reading system
15 7,050,648 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
16 7,050,647 Median filter
17 7,050,538 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system using the same
18 7,050,537 Radiographic apparatus, radiographic method, program, computer-readable storage medium, radiographic system, image diagnosis aiding method, and image diagnosis aiding system
19 7,050,247 Optical unit, exposure unit and optical devices
20 7,050,243 Lens apparatus, camera system, and camera
21 7,050,209 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
22 7,050,186 Print control apparatus and print control method capable of canceling print job
23 7,050,184 Data transfer apparatus and method, and data transfer system and medium
24 7,050,183 Image printing apparatus control method and image printing apparatus
25 7,050,154 Illumination optical system in exposure apparatus
26 7,050,153 Exposure apparatus
27 7,050,152 Exposure apparatus
28 7,050,151 Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
29 7,050,150 Exposure apparatus
30 7,050,144 Photomask for near-field exposure and exposure apparatus including the photomask for making a pattern
31 7,050,106 Image input device with rotatable image pickup unit
32 7,050,104 Image sensing apparatus
33 7,050,098 Signal processing apparatus and method, and image sensing apparatus having a plurality of image sensing regions per image frame
34 7,050,077 Resolution conversion device and method, and information processing apparatus
35 7,050,042 Control system for controlling an imaging device and a personal computer wherein imaging device control conditions may be freely set between the imaging device and the personal computer
36 7,049,804 Electric potential measuring apparatus, and image forming apparatus
37 7,049,737 Anode-terminal cover and display having the same
38 7,049,624 Member and member manufacturing method
39 7,049,610 Charged particle beam exposure method, charged particle beam exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
40 7,049,607 Electron beam writing equipment and electron beam writing method
41 7,049,039 Coloring agent for toner, and toner
42 7,048,821 Process for manufacturing a transport belt
43 7,048,797 Liquid-phase growth process and liquid-phase growth apparatus
44 7,048,358 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing such head
45 7,048,356 Method and apparatus for ink jet printing
46 7,048,354 Ink jet recording apparatus
47 7,048,351 Temperature detection method and printing apparatus using the same