Canon patents granted on 24 April 2007

37 US patents granted on 24 April 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,210,155 Magneto-optical recording medium having in-plane magnetizing layer
2 7,210,007 Method of verifying a system in which a plurality of master devices share a storage device
3 7,209,965 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and control program
4 7,209,872 System for simulating the conveyance of a flexible medium
5 7,209,696 Image heating apparatus with elastic conductive member contacting internal surface of rotation member
6 7,209,695 Image forming apparatus with detaching mechanism for fixing heater
7 7,209,690 Developing apparatus
8 7,209,688 Toner container
9 7,209,686 Developer supply container, and coupling-driving member for developer supply container
10 7,209,683 Charging roller featuring specified ratio of storage elastic modulus and dynamic viscoelasticity values and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus featuring the same
11 7,209,682 Electrophotographic photosensitive drum, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
12 7,209,676 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, cartridge and process cartridge
13 7,209,673 Image forming apparatus
14 7,209,622 Resonator and light emitting device using the same
15 7,209,572 Digital watermark embedding apparatus, digital watermark extraction apparatus, and methods thereof
16 7,209,273 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
17 7,209,247 Multi-function image output apparatus with error control
18 7,209,246 Information processing apparatus and method for processing read image data
19 7,209,218 Exposure apparatus and method for manufacturing device using the exposure apparatus
20 7,209,215 Exposure apparatus and method
21 7,209,165 Vibration correction for image sensing apparatus
22 7,209,164 Image recording unit having a spherical surface portion for defining a driving surface and camera
23 7,209,159 Image forming apparatus and image forming control method
24 7,208,708 Image heating apparatus having first and second electroconductive layers having different resistance characteristics
25 7,208,276 Probe carrier and method for analyzing the probe carrier
26 7,208,211 Electrophotographic belt member, process for producing electrophotographic belt member, and electrophotographic apparatus
27 7,208,033 Ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
28 7,208,032 Printing medium coating solution, ink-jet ink, image forming method, set of printing medium coating solution and ink-jet ink, and ink-jet recording apparatus
29 7,208,020 System and method for printing within a network labels to be used for the return of components
30 7,207,720 Static gas bearing system, stage mechanism, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
31 7,207,649 Ink jet recording apparatus
32 7,207,644 Printing apparatus and printing control method for controlling the number of printing elements used in printing
33 7,207,559 Sheet treating apparatus
34 7,207,218 Liquid residual quantity detecting method, liquid residual quantity detecting device, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
35 7,207,159 Liquid container sealing jacket, and method for unsealing liquid container fitted with liquid container jacket
36 7,207,109 Method for producing ink jet head
37 D541,280 Image scanner apparatus