Canon patents granted on 24 August 2010

49 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 D622,309 Process cartridge
2 D622,308 Process cartridge
3 D622,272 Scanner
4 7,783,483 Speech processing apparatus and control method that suspend speech recognition
5 7,783,443 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and calibration Jig
6 7,783,242 Image forming apparatus
7 7,783,222 Image forming apparatus having change-over type developing device
8 7,783,214 Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
9 7,783,189 Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
10 7,783,157 Recording/reproducing apparatus
11 7,783,136 Image data searching with changing search method based on image data output form
12 7,783,119 Image encoding apparatus, image decoding apparatus and control method therefor
13 7,783,108 Document management method and apparatus
14 7,783,071 Imaging apparatus having a slot in which an image verification apparatus is inserted
15 7,783,017 Plural-communication-line-containing apparatus, communication line naming program, communication line selection apparatus, and communication line selection program
16 7,782,918 Laser apparatus and production method of laser apparatus
17 7,782,854 Network switching apparatus, route management server, network interface apparatus, control method therefor, computer program for route management server, and computer-readable storage medium
18 7,782,839 Communication terminal, control method of the same, and control program of the same
19 7,782,722 Method of adjusting spherical aberration and focus offset and information recording/reproduction apparatus using the same
20 7,782,544 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
21 7,782,543 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
22 7,782,511 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus comprising the same
23 7,782,505 Image reading apparatus and control method therefor
24 7,782,504 Image reading/recording apparatus
25 7,782,503 Image reading apparatus and method for controlling the same
26 7,782,502 Image reading device and reading-characteristic correction method for image reading device
27 7,782,488 Print control device and print control method
28 7,782,477 Information processing apparatus connected to a printing apparatus via a network and computer-readable storage medium having stored thereon a program for causing a computer to execute generating print data in the information processing apparatus connected to the printing apparatus via the network
29 7,782,474 Job managing apparatus and method, job managing program, storage medium storing the program, and job managing system
30 7,782,444 Top plate, positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
31 7,782,379 Corrective operation in continuous shooting
32 7,782,377 Image sensing apparatus, control method therefor, storage medium, and program to create correction data
33 7,782,361 Method and apparatus for measuring position and orientation
34 7,782,355 Image forming apparatus using a plurality of lasers with a varying exposure ratio
35 7,782,350 Printing apparatus, printing system, printhead temperature retaining control method
36 7,782,320 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
37 7,782,067 Method and apparatus for inspecting an object using terahertz electromagnetic wave
38 7,781,955 Image display device
39 7,781,924 Electromagnetic driving apparatus
40 7,781,202 Apparatus for capturing target substance
41 7,781,020 Structured material and producing method thereof
42 7,780,790 Vacuum processing apparatus
43 7,780,440 Substrate supporting/transferring tray
44 7,780,267 Recording head for ink-jet recording apparatus
45 7,780,257 Recording apparatus and electronic apparatus
46 7,780,164 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
47 7,780,159 Sheet processing apparatus with controller for controlling sheet supply unit
48 7,780,158 Post-processing apparatus, control method therefor, and post-processing system
49 7,779,835 Liquid ejection device