Canon patents granted on 24 January 2006

46 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 6,990,448 Database annotation and retrieval including phoneme data
2 6,990,429 Information processing apparatus, and information processing method
3 6,990,386 Moving mechanism and stage system in exposure apparatus
4 6,990,315 Communication apparatus and system, and control method
5 6,990,302 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus regulating the positions of creases on a flexible member in accordance with pivotal movement of a support member
6 6,990,301 Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
7 6,990,300 Image forming apparatus with bias and integral current control features
8 6,990,299 Image fixing device with phase controlled heaters
9 6,990,298 Image forming apparatus
10 6,990,240 Image processing apparatus
11 6,990,232 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and image processing method
12 6,990,228 Image processing apparatus
13 6,990,213 Method and device for processing and watermarking a set of coefficients representing a digital image
14 6,990,173 Positioning apparatus, atmosphere substituting method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
15 6,989,943 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having zoom lens system
16 6,989,942 Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
17 6,989,939 Variable-power optical system, projection optical system, and image projection apparatus using the systems
18 6,989,936 Variable power optical system
19 6,989,917 Image reading apparatus and its control method
20 6,989,909 Print controller, drawing controller, data processing method and storage medium
21 6,989,908 Image input and output method, image input and output apparatus, and image processing system
22 6,989,907 Response apparatus for sending a response in accordance with a state, and a method therefor
23 6,989,888 Stage system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
24 6,989,885 Scanning exposure apparatus and method
25 6,989,865 Optical equipment and it control method, and computer-readable storage medium
26 6,989,863 Photoelectric converting apparatus having amplifiers with different gains for its sensor ad storage units
27 6,989,855 Multi-beam scanning optical system, multi-beam scanning optical apparatus, and image forming apparatus
28 6,989,817 Image display unit
29 6,989,731 Notifying a user that a warning status has occurred in a device
30 6,989,666 Current sensor and current detection unit using the same
31 6,989,624 Vibration element and vibration wave driving apparatus
32 6,989,614 Oscillating device
33 6,989,540 Image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup system
34 6,989,520 Emission control apparatus with settable target intensity and image forming apparatus using same
35 6,989,273 Light emissive iridium (III) complexes
36 6,989,060 Calcium fluoride crystal and method and apparatus for using the same
37 6,988,922 Methods of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source, and image forming apparatus
38 6,988,921 Recycling method and manufacturing method for an image display apparatus
39 6,988,837 Camera and optical apparatus
40 6,988,804 Projector apparatus for preventing degradation in image quality due to heat
41 6,988,786 Ink jet recording head and ink discharge method
42 6,988,783 Liquid detection method, liquid detection apparatus and printing apparatus using the liquid detection
43 6,988,782 Recording apparatus and liquid discharge method
44 6,988,730 Sheet conveying apparatus, sheet post-processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus provided with sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
45 6,988,727 Sheet conveyance apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method for estimating duration of a rotary member
46 RE38,942 Apparatus for generating an image from a digital video signal