Canon patents granted on 24 January 2012

37 US patents granted on 24 January 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,104,063 Information storage apparatus, its control method, and storage medium
2 8,103,189 Image forming apparatus having removable belt
3 8,103,182 Image forming apparatus taht includes a transfer member that can be separated from an inner circumferential surface of a transfer belt when belt is rotating
4 8,103,158 Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
5 8,103,127 Image processing method and image processing apparatus of calculating position and orientation of target objects located in image
6 8,103,117 Image processing apparatus and image processing method employing recursive filtering
7 8,103,095 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
8 8,103,003 Method for setting communication parameters and communication device
9 8,102,685 High voltage power supply
10 8,102,605 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
11 8,102,579 Image processing apparatus, control method of image processing apparatus, program and storage medium
12 8,102,577 Image reading apparatus and reading control method
13 8,102,575 Image processing apparatus and method
14 8,102,567 Image forming apparatus and method calculating a deviation between a) a representative point of threshold information I) nearest to the coordinate of a pixel of interest or II) in dither space nearest to the address coordinate of the pixel of interest in dither space, and b) the address coordinate in dither space corresponding to a pixel coordinate of an integer in pixel space or a pixel coordinate of an integer in pixel space nearest to the representative point
15 8,102,566 Image processing apparatus, method, product for adjusting output profile used for color matching in output devices
16 8,102,565 Image forming apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
17 8,102,560 Device for searching print target image adapted for printable area
18 8,102,558 Image supply apparatus, control method therefor, and printing system
19 8,102,555 Image forming system and method of controlling image forming system
20 8,102,546 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
21 8,102,543 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and printing control program
22 8,102,510 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
23 8,102,503 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
24 8,102,500 Stage device, exposure apparatus, and microdevice manufacturing method
25 8,102,491 Liquid crystal apparatus and method of producing the same
26 8,102,466 Imaging device and control method therefor, and program for the same
27 8,102,439 Image pickup apparatus comprising a generating unit configured to generate an identifier, method for controlling image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
28 8,102,437 Image sensing apparatus and control method therefor wherein the frame rate during autofocus is adjusted according to a detected flicker
29 8,102,116 Organic light-emitting device
30 8,101,954 Photo-semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
31 8,101,899 Image pickup apparatus
32 8,101,895 Measurement method, measurement apparatus, and method of manufacturing optical system
33 8,101,346 Identifier and nucleic acid amplification method of verification using the same
34 8,100,508 Ink jet printing head
35 8,100,505 Liquid ejecting head and manufacturing dimension control method
36 8,100,496 Signaling module, liquid container, recording apparatus, and control method
37 8,099,854 Manufacturing method of an electromechanical transducer