Canon patents granted on 24 January 2017

52 US patents granted on 24 January 2017 and assigned to Canon

1 9,554,442 Organic metal complex, and organic light emitting device and display apparatus using the same
2 9,554,422 Systems and methods using external heater systems in microfluidic devices
3 9,554,278 Relay apparatus, relay method, relay system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
4 9,554,254 Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus, and program
5 9,554,105 Projection type image display apparatus and control method therefor
6 9,554,082 Recording apparatus, recording method, and program
7 9,554,075 Image sensor and image capturing apparatus
8 9,554,069 Solid-state imaging apparatus changing a gate voltage of a transfer transistor, driving method for the same, and imaging system
9 9,554,068 Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera
10 9,554,054 Imaging apparatus and its control method and program
11 9,554,033 Focus detection apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
12 9,554,019 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
13 9,554,017 Generating a username based on user name and domain name obtained from print data attribute information
14 9,554,016 System, and method for controlling the system
15 9,554,010 Image reading apparatus and reflecting mirror unit
16 9,554,007 Image forming apparatus and method for securing carriage
17 9,553,995 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
18 9,553,952 Image processing system
19 9,553,535 Motor driving apparatus
20 9,553,474 Power supply apparatus, image forming apparatus, power supply method, and storage medium
21 9,553,458 Power supply apparatus, control method, and recording medium
22 9,553,217 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and structure with trenches in passivation film
23 9,553,211 Schottky barrier diode and apparatus using the same
24 9,553,117 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system using solid-state image pickup apparatus
25 9,552,984 Processing method of substrate and manufacturing method of liquid ejection head
26 9,552,956 Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging apparatus
27 9,552,792 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for controlling the display of image data on a display
28 9,552,641 Estimation of shift and small image distortion
29 9,552,538 Image forming apparatus that displays a remaining amount of recording material, and control method for displaying a remaining amount of recording material in an image forming apparatus
30 9,552,537 Color conversion method and profile generation method
31 9,552,443 Information processing apparatus and search method
32 9,552,286 Information processing apparatus and installation method
33 9,552,238 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer-readable storage medium
34 9,552,185 Information processing apparatus which stores a setting state to be acquired by a client apparatus
35 9,552,041 System, method and non-transitory computer-readable medium for controlling power supply in response to receipt of data over a network
36 9,551,972 Image forming apparatus
37 9,551,971 Sheet storage apparatus and image forming apparatus
38 9,551,966 Image forming apparatus
39 9,551,960 Image forming apparatus
40 9,551,957 Developing cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
41 9,551,955 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
42 9,551,954 Image forming apparatus
43 9,551,950 Image forming apparatus
44 9,551,949 Electroconductive member for electrophotography, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
45 9,551,947 Toner
46 9,551,926 Determination method, storage medium and information processing apparatus
47 9,551,918 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
48 9,551,864 Eyepiece lens and observation apparatus having the same
49 9,551,855 Lens barrel and optical apparatus
50 9,551,794 Radiation imaging system, radiation imaging apparatus, and method of controlling the same
51 9,551,564 Optical coherence tomography apparatus and optical coherence tomography method
52 9,550,643 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus