Canon patents granted on 24 July 2012

72 US patents granted on 24 July 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,230,492 Network device, method of controlling the same and network system
2 8,230,420 Apparatus for transferring a virtual machine using stored correspondence information
3 8,230,344 Multimedia presentation creation
4 8,230,330 Rewriting a part of a first flow description document into a reference to a corresponding part of a second flow description document
5 8,230,216 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, information processing system, and program
6 8,230,103 Method and device for access to a digital image stored on a server computer
7 8,230,049 Information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus control method, and storage medium storing computer program
8 8,230,022 Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium
9 8,230,014 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling thereof and computer program
10 8,229,975 Data compression apparatus, data decompression apparatus, and method for compressing data
11 8,229,947 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling image processing apparatus
12 8,229,399 Communication apparatus
13 8,229,340 Control apparatus, program, recording medium, and image forming system
14 8,229,338 Image fixing apparatus
15 8,229,323 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same, which are capable of reducing a change of an irradiation position of a light flux on a deflection unit
16 8,229,320 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, cartridge, and cartridge holding member with lock and lock releasing members for releasably locking cartridge to the cartridge holding member
17 8,229,315 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
18 8,229,307 Image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus control method
19 8,229,306 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for preventing scattering of toner
20 8,229,305 Image forming apparatus
21 8,229,293 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
22 8,229,277 Video processing apparatus, method, and storage medium
23 8,229,238 Image encoding apparatus, image processing apparatus and control method thereof
24 8,229,214 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
25 8,229,157 Information processing apparatus setting additional information added to image data, and control method thereof, and computer readable storage medium
26 8,229,067 Radiation imaging apparatus and dark current correction method therefor
27 8,229,063 X-ray image reception system
28 8,229,004 Image signal processing apparatus with code amount control for inter-frame and intra-frame encoding
29 8,228,965 Surface emitting laser, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser, surface emitting laser array, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including surface emitting laser array
30 8,228,964 Surface emitting laser, surface emitting laser array, and image formation apparatus
31 8,228,808 Information communication device and method for selecting protocol
32 8,228,619 Lens barrel and optical apparatus including the same
33 8,228,617 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
34 8,228,616 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
35 8,228,615 Zoom lens and camera having the same
36 8,228,614 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the zoom lens
37 8,228,572 Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image processing method
38 8,228,557 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
39 8,228,554 Ink jet printing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method for processing image
40 8,228,549 Data processing apparatus
41 8,228,544 Job controlling apparatus, job controlling method, and storage medium
42 8,228,543 Printing system and printing apparatus
43 8,228,541 Printing apparatus and printing method
44 8,228,537 Print managing server, print managing method, program, and recording medium
45 8,228,531 Control method by printer utility and information processing apparatus
46 8,228,529 Adapter for communicating with image supply device and printing device and method of controlling the same
47 8,228,514 Information processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer readable medium storing print control program for performing data processing method for transmitting bitmap data to an image forming apparatus
48 8,228,508 Origin detection apparatus, displacement measurement apparatus and optical apparatus
49 8,228,486 Exposing method and device manufacturing method
50 8,228,415 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
51 8,228,388 Vibration correcting device, lens barrel, and optical device
52 8,228,271 Active-matrix display and drive method thereof
53 8,228,070 Electronic apparatus and control method thereof
54 8,227,976 Display apparatus
55 8,227,973 Display panel, display apparatus, and television apparatus for performing display using light emission
56 8,227,757 Radiographic imaging apparatus and radiographic imaging system, control method therefor, and program therefor
57 8,227,162 Magnetic toner
58 8,227,094 Organic electroluminescent device
59 8,227,087 Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
60 8,227,063 Ink-contacting thermoplastic elastomer composition for ink jet printer
61 8,227,043 Liquid discharge head manufacturing method, and liquid discharge head obtained using this method
62 8,227,021 Method of manufacturing piezoelectric thin film
63 8,226,392 Transfer apparatus and method of manufacturing device
64 8,226,250 Optical element and optical system
65 8,226,234 Fundus camera
66 8,226,233 Image acquisition apparatus and image acquisition method using optical coherence tomography
67 8,226,203 Tape for liquid discharge head and liquid discharge head
68 8,226,195 Inkjet recording apparatus
69 8,226,192 Printing apparatus and printing method
70 8,226,190 Recording element substrate and recording head having the same
71 8,226,078 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
72 8,225,781 Inhalation apparatus