Canon patents granted on 24 November 2015

78 US patents granted on 24 November 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 D744,028 Printer
2 9,198,279 Noise filter and transmission apparatus
3 9,198,271 X-ray imaging apparatus, control device, radiation imaging apparatus, and method of controlling the same
4 9,197,846 Display control apparatus, display control method, display control system, and storage medium
5 9,197,833 Photoelectric conversion apparatus with color control pulse based on color offset quantity
6 9,197,832 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and drive method therefor
7 9,197,831 Photoelectric conversion system
8 9,197,820 Lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus capable of controlling aperture stop
9 9,197,817 Image blurring correction apparatus, control method thereof, optical device and imaging apparatus
10 9,197,815 Image management apparatus and image management method
11 9,197,809 Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
12 9,197,808 Image capturing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
13 9,197,795 Electronic component packaging that can suppress noise and electronic apparatus
14 9,197,792 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image pickup apparatus
15 9,197,778 Method for reducing communication delay in printing apparatus having a wireless LAN capability
16 9,197,769 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium including device management application for managing peripheral devices
17 9,197,765 Management apparatus, management method, and program
18 9,197,571 Apparatus, method, and medium for shifting power saving modes
19 9,197,447 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling information processing apparatus, program for control method, and recording medium for program
20 9,197,156 Oscillation element, oscillator, and imaging apparatus using the same
21 9,197,083 Electronic apparatus, control method, and recording medium
22 9,196,819 Oriented piezoelectric ceramic, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removing device
23 9,196,645 Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
24 9,196,643 Solid-state imaging device having photoelectric conversion units on a first substrate and a plurality of circuits on a second substrate
25 9,196,188 Image display apparatus and control method therefor
26 9,196,138 Image reproduction apparatus and image reproduction method
27 9,196,066 Method, apparatus and system for rendering an object on a page
28 9,195,921 Control method for printing and printing apparatus
29 9,195,920 Swathing parallel pipeline architecture
30 9,195,919 Fixed memory rendering
31 9,195,918 Light scanning device capable of executing automatic light amount control and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
32 9,195,917 Dither pattern forming method and dither pattern
33 9,195,915 Printing apparatus, method of changing layout, and storage medium
34 9,195,742 Reproducing apparatus and method for controlling the same
35 9,195,522 Method and device for controlling communication between applications in a web runtime environment
36 9,195,424 Print system, information processing apparatus, and method for generating data to be transmitted using an application based on an instruction from a web browser
37 9,195,422 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
38 9,195,414 Image processing apparatus functioning as a print server changing print settings of saved job on demand from an external terminal
39 9,195,381 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium to receive a touch operation for rotating a displayed image
40 9,195,313 Information processing apparatus capable of recognizing user operation and method for controlling the same
41 9,195,287 Power supply system has relaxation circuit which is enabled simultaneously with the outputting of reset signal to relax an output voltage
42 9,195,212 Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus having movable main body electrical contacts
43 9,195,211 Process cartridge having a link member, electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a link member, and assembly method of process cartridge having a link member
44 9,195,210 Developer container, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
45 9,195,196 Image forming apparatus
46 9,195,195 Control apparatus and storage medium for storing and executing a print job
47 9,195,192 Image heating apparatus including belt unit configured to heat rotatable heating member
48 9,195,190 Fixing apparatus and film for use in fixing apparatus
49 9,195,187 Image forming apparatus
50 9,195,186 Image heating apparatus having an excitation coil configured to generate a magnetic flux for electromagnetic induction heating of a rotatable heating member
51 9,195,182 Image heating apparatus, lubricant application system, lubricant application method, and lubricant container-applicator
52 9,195,180 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
53 9,195,178 Rotary endless belt unit for use in an image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus having same
54 9,195,177 Belt driving device and image forming apparatus
55 9,195,176 Image forming apparatus
56 9,195,174 Image forming apparatus with control of potential at transfer portion
57 9,195,170 Cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
58 9,195,166 Developer storage container having improved workability with mounted developer agitation member and manufacturing method thereof
59 9,195,162 Cover member, light scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus
60 9,195,160 Image forming apparatus and image forming method for correcting registration deviation
61 9,195,129 Substrate holding device, lithography apparatus using same, and device manufacturing method
62 9,195,063 Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
63 9,195,035 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
64 9,195,027 Zoom lens barrel
65 9,195,024 Drive device, lens barrel, and imaging apparatus
66 9,194,825 Imaging apparatus using talbot interference and adjusting method for imaging apparatus
67 9,194,038 Thin film forming apparatus, thin film forming method, and shield component
68 9,193,549 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
69 9,193,546 Sheet conveying unit and image forming apparatus
70 9,193,544 Sheet stacking device, sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
71 9,193,169 Inkjet printing apparatus and method for discharging shipping ink
72 9,193,163 Liquid discharge apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
73 9,193,160 Liquid ejection head
74 9,193,154 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
75 9,193,150 Image recording method
76 9,193,148 Printed material inspection system and control method thereof
77 9,192,350 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
78 9,192,293 Image processing apparatus and image processing method