Canon patents granted on 24 October 2006

67 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,127,715 Image outputting apparatus, control method for the image outputting apparatus, image outputting system, and storage medium product
2 7,127,590 Reconfigurable VLIW processor
3 7,127,532 Data communication apparatus and transmission reservation managing method
4 7,127,516 Verification of image data
5 7,127,491 Remote command server
6 7,127,472 Data processing method and data processing device
7 7,127,452 Image search apparatus, image search method and storage medium
8 7,127,451 Device searching method, device searching client, device, device searching server, device searching system, device searching apparatus, and storage medium
9 7,127,324 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
10 7,127,311 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
11 7,127,207 Image forming apparatus featuring upward and downward toner carrying paths
12 7,127,200 Developing roller, electrophotographic process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
13 7,127,194 Process cartridge, positioning mechanism therefor and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
14 7,127,193 Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
15 7,127,192 Developing frame and process cartridge
16 7,127,188 Image forming apparatus
17 7,127,186 Image-forming apparatus with inertial means selectively connected to fixing drive
18 7,127,150 Image data recording apparatus
19 7,127,119 Image processing apparatus and method, program, and storage medium
20 7,127,115 Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and storage medium
21 7,127,113 Image processing method, storage medium, image forming apparatus and program with correction processing according to an attribute of an image
22 7,127,064 Image processing method, apparatus and program
23 7,127,031 Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system and radiation imaging method
24 7,127,030 Area exposure dosimetry and area absorbed dosimetry
25 7,126,975 Electron-beam excitation laser
26 7,126,886 Magneto-optical recording medium and method for producing the same
27 7,126,838 Readout circuit, solid state image pickup device using the same circuit, and camera system using the same
28 7,126,766 Optical stop apparatus and exposure apparatus having the same
29 7,126,761 Zoom optical system
30 7,126,758 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
31 7,126,757 Illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus using the same, and device fabricating method
32 7,126,733 Optical deflector
33 7,126,719 Print processing method, printing control system and storage medium therefor
34 7,126,718 Adjustment of color appearance models
35 7,126,717 Apparatus and method for performing a specific process based on a setup condition, and a storage medium for such a program
36 7,126,715 Ink jet recording apparatus and control method therefor
37 7,126,709 Printing control apparatus and system, method of controlling same, printing apparatus and printer driver
38 7,126,708 Method for enabling a photolab to process digital images and related data
39 7,126,707 Information processing apparatus issuing job to peripheral device and method for issuing job to peripheral device
40 7,126,704 Network print system for merging data with template data for printing or display, subject to applicable restrictions
41 7,126,673 Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
42 7,126,670 Position measurement technique
43 7,126,640 Autofocus strobe control in image sensing apparatus
44 7,126,625 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
45 7,126,612 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
46 7,126,599 Graphics processing apparatus and method for computing the distance between three-dimensional graphic elements
47 7,126,597 Scanning circuit and image display device
48 7,126,565 Current signal output circuit and display apparatus and information display apparatus using the current signal output circuit
49 7,126,452 Wiring structure, and fabrication method of the same
50 7,126,285 Display panel with phosphorescent and fluorescent pixels
51 7,126,158 Image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup system
52 7,126,141 Electrooptic system array, charged-particle beam exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
53 7,126,140 Multi-electron beam exposure method and apparatus
54 7,126,129 X-ray imaging apparatus
55 7,126,127 Image pick-up apparatus and manufacturing method thereof, radiation image pick-up apparatus, and radiation image pick-up system
56 7,126,102 Photoelectric conversion device and camera using photoelectric conversion device
57 7,126,087 Method of effecting heating and cooling in reduced pressure atmosphere
58 7,126,053 Power generation system and power generation apparatus
59 7,125,810 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
60 7,125,114 Recording medium discriminating method and recording apparatus
61 7,125,111 Ink and ink jet recording method using the ink
62 7,125,109 Ink container and ink container holder
63 7,125,105 Semiconductor device for liquid ejection head, liquid ejection head, and liquid ejection apparatus
64 7,125,095 Apparatus and method for image processing, and storage medium
65 7,125,093 Recording-head substrate, recording head, and recording apparatus
66 7,125,013 Automatic feeding device and recording apparatus provided with such automatic feeding device
67 7,124,870 Power transmitting mechanism and power transmitting method