Canon patents granted on 25 December 2007

45 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,313,758 Markup-language document formatting in memory-constrained environment
2 7,313,699 Automatic authentication method and system in print process
3 7,313,612 Information management method in network system
4 7,313,602 Server, management system, and management control method
5 7,313,418 Portable device
6 7,313,383 System for regulating entrance/exit of person and communication of wireless communication terminal, entrance/exit regulating apparatus to be used for the system, and wireless communication apparatus whose communication is to be restricted
7 7,313,342 Image forming apparatus including catalyst and active carbon filters
8 7,313,339 Image forming device and controlling method thereof
9 7,313,335 Image forming apparatus with variably controlled bias condition
10 7,313,307 Waveguide and device including the same
11 7,313,249 Mark embedding and detection using projective transforms
12 7,313,248 Steganographic image encoding
13 7,313,219 Radiation image pick-up device, radiation image pick-up method and program
14 7,313,156 Control method of distributed Bragg reflection semiconductor laser, and image projecting apparatus
15 7,313,067 Recording-medium identification device and method using light sensor to detect recording medium type
16 7,313,055 Magnetic domain wall displacement type magneto-optical recording medium
17 7,312,935 Optical system and optical apparatus having the same
18 7,312,932 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
19 7,312,904 Apparatus, method and program for communication
20 7,312,901 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
21 7,312,895 Image processing apparatus and method
22 7,312,891 Image processing method and apparatus
23 7,312,886 Printer control method, information processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
24 7,312,885 Image communication apparatus
25 7,312,884 Image reading apparatus selectively connectable to image forming apparatuses via a network
26 7,312,873 Alignment method and parameter selection method
27 7,312,853 Exposure apparatus and exposing method for elastically deforming a contact mask with control data
28 7,312,851 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and exposure method in which a reflective projection optical system has a non-circular aperture stop
29 7,312,849 Substrate alignment apparatus and method, and exposure apparatus
30 7,312,848 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
31 7,312,795 Image display apparatus and method
32 7,312,770 Substrate having a light emitter and image display device
33 7,312,567 Image display apparatus provided with a potential supplying member shaped to be in contact with first and second substrates
34 7,312,561 Electron-emitting device, electron source, and method for manufacturing image displaying apparatus
35 7,312,543 Driving device
36 7,312,459 Apparatus for evaluating EUV light source, and evaluation method using the same
37 7,312,411 Electronic apparatus
38 7,311,738 Positioning apparatus
39 7,311,407 Mirror unit, method of producing the same, and exposure apparatus and method using the mirror unit
40 7,311,394 Ink-jet printing method and ink-jet printing apparatus
41 7,311,388 Liquid supplying apparatus and liquid housing container
42 7,311,383 Liquid discharge recording apparatus and liquid discharge recording method
43 7,311,374 Liquid discharge cartridge and liquid discharge apparatus
44 7,311,368 Printing apparatus, printing method and program
45 7,311,204 Packing method, packing member and manufacturing method therefor