Canon patents granted on 25 November 2014

41 US patents granted on 25 November 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,898,490 Information processing apparatus, control method therefore, and storage medium
2 8,898,242 Apparatus and method of controlling the same in a system for communications between a priority terminal and a non-priority terminal
3 8,897,616 Apparatus and method for upconverting content data
4 8,897,615 Moving image reproduction apparatus and method
5 8,897,507 Image processing apparatus and control method for same
6 8,897,364 Method and device for sequence decoding with error concealment
7 8,897,362 Method and device for processing a sequence of digital images with spatial or quality scalability
8 8,897,330 Surface emitting laser, surface-emitting-laser array, and image forming apparatus
9 8,896,930 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with zoom lens
10 8,896,893 Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
11 8,896,884 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and image processing method
12 8,896,883 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and image processing method
13 8,896,876 Information processing apparatus and control method
14 8,896,874 Communication apparatus and control method thereof, communication system, and storage medium
15 8,896,866 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
16 8,896,865 Printing system, workflow management method for printing system, and program therefor
17 8,896,862 Image processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium for print control using metadata
18 8,896,856 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
19 8,896,851 Apparatus for dealing with a code and a control method of the apparatus
20 8,896,840 Interferometric method and digital holographic microscope
21 8,896,766 Display apparatus, light emitting device, and method for controlling display apparatus
22 8,896,756 Display apparatus
23 8,896,742 Image pickup apparatus, and control method and program thereof
24 8,896,737 Imaging apparatus with element that selectively transfers charge accumulated in first semiconductor region of accumulating element to floating diffusion region and method
25 8,896,734 Solid-state image sensor, method of manufacturing the same, and camera
26 8,896,729 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
27 8,896,716 Blur correction apparatus and image capturing apparatus
28 8,896,710 Zoom lens barrel and image pickup apparatus having the same
29 8,896,644 Recording apparatus
30 8,896,389 Oscillation circuit having negative resistance element and oscillator using the oscillation circuit
31 8,896,029 Solid state image pickup device and camera
32 8,895,934 Microstructure manufacturing method
33 8,894,926 Sterilization apparatus and sterilization method
34 8,894,183 Process for producing liquid ejection head and liquid ejection head
35 8,894,182 Liquid discharge head
36 8,894,177 Recording method to determine whether a nozzle performing defective discharge exists in a recording apparatus
37 8,894,176 Printing apparatus, method of correcting in printing apparatus, and storage medium storing program thereof
38 8,894,065 Printing apparatus and method for conveying sheet
39 8,894,057 Sheet processing apparatus, method for detecting lateral position deviation amount of sheet, and image forming system
40 8,893,649 Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
41 8,893,385 Liquid supply member, method of making liquid supply member, and method of making liquid discharge head