Canon patents granted on 25 September 2007

24 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,275,255 Data communication apparatus, data communication system, data communication method and storage medium
2 7,275,101 Information processing apparatus, management control method, computer program and memory medium
3 7,274,896 Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
4 7,274,892 Image forming apparatus with heat exhausting means for exhausting air from around a fixing unit and a delivery tray
5 7,274,890 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for distinguishing between an original print product and a copy of the print product
6 7,274,888 Image forming apparatus
7 7,274,884 Image forming apparatus to which a cartridge having a memory medium configured to store information-forming-condition information is attachable, such a cartridge, such a memory medium, and an image forming system comprising such a memory medium
8 7,274,849 Three-dimensional photonic crystal and functional device including the same
9 7,274,819 Pattern recognition apparatus using parallel operation
10 7,274,499 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
11 7,274,491 Image processing method and apparatus
12 7,274,490 Image forming apparatus with control of maximum output of colorant
13 7,274,483 Processing of print data received over a network, and image formation using the processed data
14 7,274,475 Image recording and reproducing device, method and memory medium readable with computer
15 7,274,474 Printing data held on a WWW server
16 7,274,435 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method using the same
17 7,274,394 Solid state image pickup device and manufacturing method therefor
18 7,274,389 Camera apparatus and image processing system with variable resolution
19 7,274,379 Graphical object group management system
20 7,274,193 Micromechanical potential sensor
21 7,273,734 Process for producing a polyester
22 7,273,697 Method for analyzing base sequence of nucleic acid
23 7,273,686 Toner
24 7,273,175 Method, an apparatus and a storage medium for locating QR codes