Canon patents granted on 25 September 2012

68 US patents granted on 25 September 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,276,116 Algebra operation method, apparatus, and storage medium thereof
2 8,276,078 Image display apparatus and image display method
3 8,276,068 Information processing apparatus with print preview function
4 8,275,992 Information processing apparatus for receiving biometric information from an external apparatus
5 8,275,904 Wireless communication device and information processing method
6 8,275,872 Network system using WSD protocol, comprising plurality of devices capable of changeover between representative device and non-representative device, and management method therefor
7 8,275,831 Information processing apparatus, and control method of information processing apparatus, and program
8 8,275,286 Process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and electrophotographic photosensitive drum unit
9 8,275,284 Image forming apparatus
10 8,275,283 Cartridge with developer layer thickness regulating member and image forming apparatus including the same
11 8,275,282 Image forming apparatus, control method, and control program
12 8,275,279 Image forming apparatus with operation of image bearing member after image formation
13 8,275,277 Image forming apparatus
14 8,275,244 Recording apparatus
15 8,275,237 Moving image reproducing apparatus
16 8,275,211 Image processing apparatus and method
17 8,275,210 Lossless compressor for image data values
18 8,275,203 Sheet music processing method and image processing apparatus
19 8,275,199 Color processing apparatus and color processing method
20 8,275,169 Communication system and control method thereof
21 8,275,042 High-performance video transcoding method
22 8,275,034 Moving image encoding apparatus and control method, and computer program
23 8,274,719 Printing system, print preview method, and preview method using a printer driver
24 8,274,718 Method for creating color conversion definition for image output devices and image processing apparatus implementing the method
25 8,274,716 Image reading apparatus and method of controlling the same
26 8,274,710 Image processing using count variation
27 8,274,709 Device capable of reading plural documents, method of controlling the device, and program
28 8,274,708 Image processing apparatus and method for preventing removal of an encoded image
29 8,274,707 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for determining or computing an extended region of a block region of image data or an input image
30 8,274,704 Image processing apparatus and method for selecting a processing mode based on attributes of original multivalued image data
31 8,274,700 Constructing spectral gamut boundary descriptors
32 8,274,699 Apparatus and method for correcting registration errors and trailing phenomenon in a printed image
33 8,274,696 Color table editing apparatus, color table editing method, program, and storage medium
34 8,274,693 Mixed jobs generation method and apparatus thereof
35 8,274,686 Print setting processing apparatus and print setting processing method
36 8,274,685 Image forming apparatus, method and storage medium storing control program therefor allow to set a composite service and determine composite service is available with a combination of a control program
37 8,274,679 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
38 8,274,676 Image output control apparatus
39 8,274,675 Printing apparatus and control method thereof, and printing system
40 8,274,674 Apparatus and method for determining execution order of private print jobs in a variable print system
41 8,274,671 Printing system, control method and program holding print information for executing the off-line process when the printing process is to be separately executed
42 8,274,670 Information processing apparatus print control method, and storage medium
43 8,274,667 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium storing a program for converting raster image data into block vector image format
44 8,274,661 Shape calculation method
45 8,274,660 Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
46 8,274,646 Measurement system and measurement processing method
47 8,274,598 Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
48 8,274,582 Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
49 8,274,548 Network camera system
50 8,274,225 Image display apparatus
51 8,274,196 Control apparatus for vibration wave driven apparatus
52 8,274,122 Photoelectric conversion device, imaging system, photoelectric conversion device designing method, and photoelectric conversion device manufacturing method
53 8,274,105 Image pickup device and camera
54 8,274,078 Metal oxynitride semiconductor containing zinc
55 8,274,033 Photoelectric converter
56 8,273,675 Ferroelectric ceramic material
57 8,273,656 Method of forming conductive layer and semiconductor device
58 8,273,529 Method for hybridizing nucleic acids and hybridization apparatus
59 8,273,524 Liquid discharging head, producing method thereof, structure, and producing method thereof
60 8,273,168 Ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
61 8,272,913 Organic light-emitting device, and method for manufacturing organic light-emitting device
62 8,272,844 Liquid driver system using a conductor and electrode arrangement to produce an electroosmosis flow
63 8,272,795 Cartridge and printer
64 8,272,712 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
65 8,272,640 Medium conveyance apparatus which adopts distributed control system
66 8,272,634 Sheet feeding device, and image forming device
67 8,272,632 Bookbinding apparatus, bookbinding system and image formation processing system
68 8,272,130 Method of manufacturing an ink jet print head