Canon patents granted on 26 April 2016

52 US patents granted on 26 April 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,326,370 Printed circuit board
2 9,325,969 Image capture environment calibration method and information processing apparatus
3 9,325,966 Depth measurement using multispectral binary coded projection and multispectral image capture
4 9,325,922 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system
5 9,325,919 Image sensing apparatus
6 9,325,911 Image capturing apparatus and method of controlling the same
7 9,325,902 Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
8 9,325,901 Image output apparatus, image output method, and control program
9 9,325,898 Communication apparatus and method for controlling the same
10 9,325,897 Image capture apparatus with automatic focus detection and method for controlling the same
11 9,325,896 Image pickup apparatus for performing focus detection in which an influence of a focus shift caused by an aberration is suppressed, lens unit, and methods of controlling image pickup apparatus and lens unit
12 9,325,885 Image stabilization apparatus and control method therefor
13 9,325,882 Image pickup apparatus configured to be capable of preventing disconnection of connectors
14 9,325,875 Reading control apparatus and reading control method
15 9,325,865 Imaging apparatus, method of controlling imaging apparatus, and program
16 9,325,864 Image processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and storage medium to communicate with external apparatus
17 9,325,172 Power supply control apparatus and method for controlling the same
18 9,324,744 Solid-state image sensor having a trench and method of manufacturing the same
19 9,324,280 Light source apparatus and method of controlling same
20 9,324,257 Display control apparatus and display control method
21 9,324,164 Image encoding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, image processing apparatus, and control method thereof dealing with high dynamic range image
22 9,324,153 Depth measurement apparatus, image pickup apparatus, depth measurement method, and depth measurement program
23 9,324,148 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
24 9,324,011 Processing apparatus and processing method for processing print jobs
25 9,324,010 Image forming apparatus
26 9,323,907 Distribution apparatus, device, control method for distribution apparatus, and storage medium
27 9,323,493 Information processing apparatus and control method, and control program
28 9,323,212 Image forming apparatus having openable inside and outside units
29 9,323,205 Sheet binding processing apparatus, image forming system and binding method
30 9,323,202 Printing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
31 9,323,186 Image forming apparatus
32 9,323,185 Image forming apparatus having heating unit heating recording material, pressurizing unit forming a nip between itself and heating unit, and control unit
33 9,323,182 Image forming apparatus
34 9,323,177 Developer supply container and developer supplying system
35 9,323,173 Image forming apparatus
36 9,323,168 Yellow toner and process for producing the yellow toner
37 9,323,143 Controlling template surface composition in nano-imprint lithography
38 9,323,085 Image display apparatus
39 9,322,675 Absolute encoder and method of obtaining absolute position by a plurality of quantized data based on a plurality of extrema
40 9,322,095 Film-forming apparatus
41 9,322,094 Film-forming apparatus
42 9,322,092 Sputtering apparatus and method of manufacturing electronic device
43 9,321,293 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
44 9,321,274 Liquid ejection cartridge and liquid ejection apparatus
45 9,321,273 Liquid discharge head
46 9,321,271 Ink jet printing apparatus and recovery method for a print head thereof
47 9,321,262 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
48 9,321,080 Electromechanical transducer and method for detecting sensitivity variation of electromechanical transducer
49 9,320,819 Sterilization apparatus and method
50 9,320,483 X-ray imaging apparatus
51 9,320,424 Image display apparatus, image display method and imaging system
52 9,320,423 Image processing apparatus for detecting boundaries in tomographic image, method for image processing, image pickup system, and computer-readable storage medium