Canon patents granted on 26 August 2008

23 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,418,662 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, image pickup system, information processing apparatus, program and storage medium
2 7,418,591 Network configuration method and communication system and apparatus
3 7,418,384 Voice data input device and method
4 7,418,225 Developing apparatus, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and end portion regulating member
5 7,418,223 Image forming apparatus
6 7,418,135 image processing apparatus, method therefor, and program
7 7,418,125 Position detection technique
8 7,418,122 Image processing apparatus and method
9 7,417,938 Optical pickup apparatus including collimator lens with first lens group having negative power and being fixed and second lens group having positive power and being movable
10 7,417,802 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
11 7,417,767 Print control device, print control method and computer program
12 7,417,763 Data processing apparatus and method, and image processing apparatus
13 7,417,761 Information processing apparatus and information processing method for processing document data having a plurality of objects different in attribution
14 7,417,758 Image forming apparatus, and sheet placing direction instructing method
15 7,417,712 Exposure apparatus having interferometer and device manufacturing method
16 7,417,683 Auto-focusing optical apparatus with focus detection area setting capability
17 7,417,671 Image processing system capable of providing color correction
18 7,417,660 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
19 7,417,652 Image forming apparatus
20 7,417,610 Image display apparatus and image display methods
21 7,416,639 Ink-jet recording method using dispersion of alumina hydrate
22 7,416,462 Glass substrate processing method and material removal process using x-ray fluorescence
23 7,416,285 Method for manufacturing a filter substrate, inkjet recording head, and method for manufacturing the inkjet recording head