Canon patents granted on 26 August 2014

110 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,819,780 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
2 8,819,733 Program selecting apparatus and method of controlling program selecting apparatus
3 8,819,689 Management apparatus for managing network devices, control method thereof, and recording medium
4 8,819,547 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
5 8,819,543 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
6 8,819,532 Methods and devices for transmitting a data stream and corresponding computer readable media
7 8,819,522 Storage device array system, information processing apparatus, storage device array control method, and program
8 8,819,411 Information processing apparatus, communication system, method of controlling them, and storage medium
9 8,819,360 Information processing apparatus, cache apparatus, and data processing method
10 8,819,300 Information processing apparatus, display method, and storage medium
11 8,819,232 Method and system for managing access to a resource
12 8,819,197 Software evaluation method and software evaluation system
13 8,819,159 Data management apparatus, control method of data management apparatus, and computer-readable storage
14 8,819,114 Server apparatus, method for controlling the server apparatus, and storage medium
15 8,819,054 Information processing apparatus, method for processing information, and storage medium
16 8,819,015 Object identification apparatus and method for identifying object
17 8,818,969 Information processing apparatus and server, control method, and recording medium
18 8,818,287 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
19 8,818,281 Data output apparatus, method of controlling same and output system
20 8,818,266 Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium
21 8,818,257 Cutting apparatus and image forming apparatus
22 8,818,254 Image heating apparatus
23 8,818,242 Image forming apparatus capable of performing rotational phase control of image bearing member
24 8,818,239 Image forming apparatus having transfer belt control
25 8,818,228 Image forming system, and control apparatus, control method and storage medium therefor
26 8,818,227 Image forming apparatus for shifting to a power saving mode after a lapse of a predetermined time
27 8,818,226 Fixing device using heating scheme for image forming apparatus
28 8,818,224 Image forming apparatus having a fixing device using an induction heating method
29 8,818,222 Image heating apparatus
30 8,818,217 Image forming apparatus with cleaning voltage or current control based on density of a control toner image
31 8,818,215 Image forming apparatus for outputting a signal corresponding to an amount of a developer
32 8,818,214 Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
33 8,818,212 Image forming apparatus
34 8,818,210 Apparatuses and methods for identifying and registering a printer on a network
35 8,818,183 Focus detection apparatus and method for controlling the same
36 8,818,174 Reproduction apparatus and control method therefor
37 8,818,130 Geometric parameter measurement of an imaging device
38 8,818,128 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
39 8,818,113 Image clustering method
40 8,818,110 Image processing apparatus that groups object images based on object attribute, and method for controlling the same
41 8,818,096 Apparatus and method for detecting subject from image
42 8,818,084 Color processing apparatus and method thereof
43 8,818,068 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, method of controlling the apparatus and the system, and program
44 8,818,063 Optical coherence tomography method and optical coherence tomography apparatus
45 8,818,055 Image processing apparatus, and method, and image capturing apparatus with determination of priority of a detected subject and updating the priority
46 8,818,032 Image processing system, image processing apparatus and server in the image processing system, and data control method and storage medium storing program thereof
47 8,817,949 Radiographic apparatus and control method therefor
48 8,817,789 Communication apparatus, communication apparatus control method, and computer program for causing computer to execute the control method
49 8,817,785 Communication apparatus having a plurality of network interfaces, method of communication by the communication apparatus, and storage medium
50 8,817,783 Information processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
51 8,817,344 Scanner apparatus
52 8,817,343 Image reading apparatus and method for controlling the same
53 8,817,342 Light guide, illumination device, and image reading apparatus
54 8,817,334 Information processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium
55 8,817,326 Image processing apparatus
56 8,817,313 Image forming apparatus and control method of image forming apparatus
57 8,817,308 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
58 8,817,306 Information processing system and management method
59 8,817,305 Communication apparatus having PC-FAX transmission function, and control method and storage medium therefor
60 8,817,300 Method and apparatus to edit and print documents using a web browser
61 8,817,290 Information processing apparatus, print control method, and storage medium for detecting overlap print
62 8,817,288 Information processing system, management method, and storage medium for placing an application after an image forming apparatus has been arranged
63 8,817,287 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
64 8,817,281 Print setting server, document processing server, print system, and print setting method
65 8,817,279 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the image forming apparatus, and storage medium
66 8,817,276 Image processing apparatus and data processing method for managing log information related to a job processing request
67 8,817,255 Apparatus and method for irradiating a scattering medium
68 8,817,190 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
69 8,817,169 Motor driven optical apparatus
70 8,817,168 Ranging apparatus, ranging method and imaging system
71 8,817,165 Image capturing apparatus
72 8,817,163 Foreign substance removal apparatus and optical apparatus including the same
73 8,817,162 Solid-state imaging device with optical waveguide and blocking member
74 8,817,161 Imaging apparatus for performing automatic zoom control in consideration of face inclination of a subject image
75 8,817,158 Image pickup apparatus and control method for image pickup apparatus with touch operation member control
76 8,817,156 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, focus detection apparatus, and image pickup system
77 8,817,151 Solid-state imaging device and method for solid-state imaging device for transferring charge from a photoelectric conversion portion to a floating diffusion
78 8,817,144 Photoelectric conversion apparatus
79 8,817,124 Image processing apparatus capable of generating an image signal having a higher resolution by compositing a plurality of image signals
80 8,817,122 Image pickup apparatus
81 8,817,114 Image capture apparatus
82 8,817,112 Electronic apparatus, control method and computer readable medium for transmitting thumbnail data to an external apparatus
83 8,817,059 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus having a multi-beam light source with a controller for controlling the multi-beam light source
84 8,817,051 Display control apparatus and display control method having variable magnification processing
85 8,816,997 Image display device
86 8,816,785 Oscillator
87 8,816,569 Actuator
88 8,816,568 Vibration-type driving apparatus
89 8,816,337 Display apparatus and image pickup apparatus
90 8,816,269 Reflective optical scale for encoder and reflective optical encoder
91 8,815,485 Azo compound, pigment dispersant containing the azo compound, pigment composition, pigment dispersion, and toner
92 8,815,484 Toner including compound having bisazo skeleton
93 8,815,479 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus, and method of manufacturing electrophotographic photosensitive member
94 8,815,172 Installation apparatus and sterilizing apparatus and method
95 8,815,142 Method of manufacturing a resin molded gear by injection molding
96 8,814,970 Trapping device that traps particles in vacuum atmosphere
97 8,814,794 Measuring system, image forming method, and program
98 8,814,369 Optical member with plate-crystal film, method for producing same, and optical system
99 8,814,348 Conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus
100 8,814,341 Ink, ink cartridge and ink jet recording method
101 8,814,327 Power supply apparatus and printing apparatus
102 8,814,322 Inkjet recording apparatus
103 8,814,317 Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing the same
104 8,814,316 Inkjet printing apparatus with defective nozzle detection
105 8,814,309 Ink jet recording apparatus
106 8,814,304 Printing apparatus
107 8,814,298 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and liquid discharge apparatus
108 8,814,296 Printing apparatus and processing method thereof
109 8,814,162 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
110 8,814,157 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus