Canon patents granted on 26 February 2008

26 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,337,238 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and medium storing therein program for executing the method
2 7,337,225 Information processing apparatus, its control method, and program
3 7,337,203 Exponent calculation apparatus and method, and program
4 7,337,116 Speech processing system
5 7,337,113 Speech recognition apparatus and method
6 7,337,077 Program for calculating displacement of fluid and method for acquiring variables
7 7,336,914 Sealing member for sealing magnetic particles and developing apparatus using the sealing member
8 7,336,910 Image forming apparatus with gamma conversion means
9 7,336,874 Display element and display device
10 7,336,406 Scanning optical device and color image forming apparatus using the same
11 7,336,403 Optical element and illumination apparatus having same
12 7,336,394 Discriminating method for recording medium and recording apparatus
13 7,336,385 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
14 7,336,352 Position detection apparatus
15 7,336,344 Positioning system, exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
16 7,336,317 Frame rate conversion device, overtaking prediction method for use in the same, display control device and video receiving display device
17 7,336,313 Image sensing apparatus and signal processing apparatus
18 7,336,310 Processing apparatus
19 7,336,307 Camera having accumulation operation in the period between the time of fully opening a leading shutter and the time of starting of a trailing shutter
20 7,336,300 Image pickup control apparatus, image pickup control method, image pickup control system, and storage medium
21 7,336,279 Intuitive hierarchical time-series data display method and system
22 7,335,873 Light condensing method and light condenser as well as near-field optical microscope and storage device formed by applying the same
23 7,335,869 Image sensor, multi-chip module type image sensor and contact image sensor
24 7,335,081 Method for manufacturing image-forming apparatus involving changing a polymer film into an electroconductive film
25 RE40,103 Electron beam apparatus and image forming apparatus
26 D562,868 Network camera