Canon patents granted on 26 January 2016

92 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,247,488 Wireless access point search device and method improved in manner of storing search results, control program, and storage medium
2 9,247,431 Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus, and program
3 9,247,419 Communication apparatus, information processing apparatus, control methods therefor, and system
4 9,247,347 Noise suppression apparatus and control method thereof
5 9,247,181 Method for displaying an electronic program guide including a content channel according to user’s preference, and device therefor
6 9,247,173 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
7 9,247,163 Radiation image pickup system, computer having reset operation to reset electric charge of pixels caused by dark current, and computer-readable medium storing program therefor
8 9,247,161 Imaging apparatus and method of driving the same
9 9,247,155 Method and system for robust scene modelling in an image sequence
10 9,247,154 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
11 9,247,147 Output apparatus for outputting a captured image based on an aspect ratio change, method of controlling output apparatus, and recording medium
12 9,247,143 Image display apparatus and control method for displaying setting items thereon
13 9,247,140 Vibration-type driving unit, two-dimensional driving apparatus, image-blur correction apparatus, interchangeable lens, image capturing apparatus, and automatic stage
14 9,247,138 Optical device, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
15 9,247,128 Imaging apparatus, method for controlling imaging apparatus, and program
16 9,247,122 Focus adjustment apparatus and control method therefor
17 9,247,118 Stepping motor control unit, stepping motor controlling method, and optical apparatus
18 9,247,105 Image forming apparatus and image forming method therefor
19 9,247,101 Storing scanned document data based on at least a confidentially attribute of the scanned document data
20 9,247,099 Image file editing apparatus and method, and program
21 9,247,096 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
22 9,247,095 Image sensor unit, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
23 9,247,092 Image processing apparatus, control method of image processing apparatus, and program
24 9,247,091 Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and program that stop supply of power to a printer unit and supply of power to a scanner unit based on elapsed times
25 9,246,896 Registration of a security token
26 9,246,682 Communication apparatus, method for controlling communication apparatus, and program
27 9,245,919 Solid-state image pickup apparatus
28 9,245,785 Substrate processing apparatus
29 9,245,715 Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
30 9,245,659 X-ray imaging apparatus
31 9,245,357 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
32 9,245,218 Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus and storage medium
33 9,245,213 Apparatus, method and storage medium for storing program for printing an image according to an appropriate print setting
34 9,245,211 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program
35 9,245,207 Differentiating abandoned and removed object using temporal edge information
36 9,245,206 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
37 9,245,199 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
38 9,245,198 Object recognition by comparison of patterns against map of image
39 9,245,134 System and method for transmitting image data
40 9,244,692 Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and program to stop supply of clock to a DSP
41 9,244,675 Information processing apparatus capable of updating firmware thereof and control method and storage medium therefor
42 9,244,646 Information processing apparatus having hot folders, information processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
43 9,244,643 Printing apparatus and method for controlling the same
44 9,244,640 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, web server, control method for the same, and storage medium
45 9,244,635 Printing apparatus, printing apparatus control method, and program
46 9,244,634 Print control apparatus and control method thereof
47 9,244,565 Electronic device, control method of electronic device, program, and storage medium
48 9,244,428 Photosensitive cartridge and image forming apparatus
49 9,244,426 Image forming apparatus
50 9,244,421 Drive transmission device and image forming apparatus
51 9,244,420 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling recording medium conveyance
52 9,244,419 Sheet compression apparatus and image forming apparatus
53 9,244,418 Image forming apparatus
54 9,244,415 Image forming apparatus having two or more light receiving units
55 9,244,407 Fixing member with alkali metal ion, image heat fixing apparatus, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
56 9,244,402 Image forming apparatus having fixing portion configured to heat-fix TJE toner image formed on recording material
57 9,244,401 Image forming apparatus
58 9,244,400 Image heating apparatus
59 9,244,399 Image-forming apparatus
60 9,244,397 Image heating apparatus having fixing member and supplying cooling air to a non-sheet-passing area for cooling the fixing member
61 9,244,395 Image forming apparatus to control sheet conveyance speed
62 9,244,394 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
63 9,244,391 Image forming apparatus
64 9,244,385 Image forming apparatus that switches positions of developing rollers in a predetermined fixed order
65 9,244,382 Image forming apparatus
66 9,244,380 Image forming apparatus
67 9,244,375 Image forming apparatus
68 9,244,373 Toner and method of producing toner
69 9,244,371 Magnetic toner
70 9,244,369 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, production method for electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus, and particle having compound adsorbed thereto
71 9,244,364 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
72 9,244,342 Imprint apparatus and pattern transfer method
73 9,244,331 Electromagnetic wave generating device, electromagnetic wave detecting device, and time-domain spectroscopy apparatus
74 9,244,259 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
75 9,244,250 Optical apparatus
76 9,244,137 Optical pumping magnetometer and magnetic sensing method
77 9,243,935 Distance information estimating apparatus
78 9,243,812 Flow path structure and electronic apparatus
79 9,243,155 Ink jet ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method
80 9,243,098 Compound, polymer, cross-linked compound of polymer, and optical element including cross-linked compound
81 9,242,829 Sheet stacking apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
82 9,242,827 Sheet stacking device and image forming apparatus
83 9,242,823 Sheet detecting apparatus, sheet conveying apparatus, and image forming apparatus
84 9,242,820 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
85 9,242,500 Printing apparatus that performs a binding process without using a staple
86 9,242,471 Method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid container
87 9,242,470 Recording apparatus
88 9,242,460 Liquid-discharge-head substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid discharge head
89 9,242,458 Ink jet recording apparatus
90 9,242,457 Control apparatus, control method, and program
91 9,241,628 Ophthalmologic apparatus, method for controlling ophthalmologic apparatus, and program
92 9,241,625 Image processing apparatus and image processing method