Canon patents granted on 26 July 2011

49 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 7,987,481 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
2 7,987,375 Communication apparatus, control method thereof and computer readable medium
3 7,987,364 Method of detecting and authenticating connection target for wireless communication apparatus
4 7,987,350 Electronic apparatus incorporating a plurality of microprocessor units for use in initializing data
5 7,987,237 Server apparatus for providing display screen through network, control method therefor, and program therefor
6 7,987,073 Method and apparatus of optimally designing a structure
7 7,986,967 Wireless communication system and method
8 7,986,895 Printing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and computer-readable storage medium
9 7,986,853 Image processing apparatus, image taking apparatus and program
10 7,986,850 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling image processing apparatus
11 7,986,847 Digital video camera with a moving image encoding feature and control method therefor, that selectively store decoded images as candidate reference images
12 7,986,835 Color processing apparatus and method for performing color correction according to color stabilization accuracy of an image output device
13 7,986,832 Image combining apparatus and control method for the same
14 7,986,829 Generating a transformed interim connection space for spectral data
15 7,986,808 Image-capturing device, image-processing device, method for controlling image-capturing device, and program for causing computer to execute the method
16 7,986,471 Optical element supporting device, lens barrel, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
17 7,986,462 Scanning image display apparatus
18 7,986,448 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for the same
19 7,986,443 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and memory medium
20 7,986,440 Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and control method thereof, which form an image by applying N-ary processing
21 7,986,438 Image processing system, apparatus, and method, and color reproduction method
22 7,986,435 Color processing apparatus and color processing method
23 7,986,403 Foreign substance inspection apparatus
24 7,986,396 Exposure apparatus
25 7,986,366 Optical low pass filter and image pickup apparatus having the same
26 7,986,365 Electronic apparatus
27 7,986,362 Image pickup apparatus maintaining constant potential of load-transistor main electrode
28 7,986,361 Color processing apparatus and method thereof for generating an interpolated image
29 7,986,353 Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
30 7,986,346 Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
31 7,986,308 Method and apparatus for detecting and interpreting path of designated position
32 7,985,969 Transistor and display and method of driving the same
33 7,985,947 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
34 7,985,788 Flame retardant resin composition and molded article thereof
35 7,985,695 Forming silicon oxide film from RF plasma of oxidizing gas
36 7,985,609 Light-emitting apparatus and production method thereof
37 7,985,545 Probe, probe set, and probe carrier for detecting DNA of Trichophyton violaceum
38 7,985,544 Probe, probe set, and probe carrier for detecting DNA of Trichophyton verrucosum
39 7,985,532 Liquid discharge head producing method
40 7,985,531 Method of producing an ink jet head and method of producing an electronic device
41 7,985,477 Liquid-repellent, alkali-resistant coating composition and coating suitable for pattern forming
42 7,985,288 Colorant compound and ink including the colorant compound
43 7,985,061 Imprint apparatus having attitude control
44 7,984,977 Piezoelectric element, manufacturing method for piezoelectric body, and liquid jet head
45 7,984,976 Liquid recording head
46 7,984,967 Ink jet head
47 7,984,905 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
48 7,984,618 Cooling apparatus and vacuum cooling apparatus
49 7,984,549 Method of manufacturing ink-jet recording head