Canon patents granted on 26 June 2012

69 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,209,641 Method of fabricating a photomask used to form a lens
2 8,209,377 Data processing apparatus and method
3 8,209,172 Pattern identification method, apparatus, and program
4 8,208,844 Roller for fixing and image fixing apparatus using roller for fixing
5 8,208,838 Developing device having light transmitting member for detecting amount of developer
6 8,208,833 Image forming apparatus
7 8,208,830 Process cartridge and space maintaining member
8 8,208,827 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
9 8,208,822 Image forming apparatus
10 8,208,805 Imaging apparatus
11 8,208,804 Imaging apparatus and control method therefor
12 8,208,803 Focus adjusting device, image pickup apparatus, and focus adjustment method
13 8,208,793 Recording apparatus
14 8,208,783 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 8,208,763 Image processing method and apparatus
16 8,208,756 Alpha-masked RST image registration
17 8,208,752 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, program, storage medium, and image capturing apparatus
18 8,208,743 Image decoding apparatus and control method
19 8,208,631 Group management apparatus, and information processing apparatus and method
20 8,208,603 X-ray generating device
21 8,208,538 Signal processing apparatus
22 8,208,205 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
23 8,208,172 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
24 8,208,166 Image processing enabling reduction of processing time for data conversion
25 8,208,162 Variable page printing system
26 8,208,158 Print module, information processing device, print system, print unit, ink supply unit, print method, and program
27 8,208,156 Image processing apparatus and control method
28 8,208,155 Network apparatus, method for performing setting via network apparatus, program, and storage medium
29 8,208,126 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
30 8,208,125 Projection optical system and exposure apparatus
31 8,208,070 Video display apparatus and control method thereof, and video output apparatus and control method thereof
32 8,208,069 Audio processing apparatus, video processing apparatus, and method for controlling the same
33 8,208,059 Interchangeable lens and image pickup apparatus
34 8,208,058 Automatic focusing apparatus
35 8,208,055 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
36 8,208,051 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
37 8,208,046 Method of detecting defect in image pickup apparatus and the image pickup apparatus
38 8,208,041 Image pickup apparatus, method for controlling the image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
39 8,208,040 Display control apparatus, display control method, and recording medium
40 8,208,035 Image sensing apparatus, image capturing method, and program related to face detection
41 8,207,997 Optical scanning apparatus for blocking undesirable-light generated in opposing scanning units to form a high quality image
42 8,207,982 Fast gamut checking and inversion of spectral colors
43 8,207,909 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
44 8,207,561 Image pickup device
45 8,207,531 Thin film transistor, display device using thin film transistor, and production method of thin film transistor
46 8,207,501 Apparatus and method for measuring terahertz wave
47 8,207,489 Imaging apparatus having heat dissipation structure for image sensor
48 8,207,319 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
49 8,207,317 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
50 8,206,998 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
51 8,206,912 Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
52 8,206,900 Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
53 8,205,993 Projection-type image displaying apparatus
54 8,205,990 Fundus camera
55 8,205,982 Liquid application device, inkjet recording apparatus, and method of controlling liquid application device
56 8,205,980 Liquid composition, ink-jet recording process, ink-jet recording ink set, recording unit, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording apparatus, and ink-jet recording ink
57 8,205,979 Liquid ejection head
58 8,205,975 Recording apparatus
59 8,205,974 Ink tank and printing apparatus
60 8,205,968 Liquid discharge head and liquid discharge method
61 8,205,967 Liquid ejection head and manufacturing method thereof
62 8,205,966 Inkjet print head and print element substrate for the same
63 8,205,963 Ink jet print head, and method of manufacturing ink jet print head
64 8,205,953 Inkjet printing apparatus, inkjet printing system, and inkjet printing method
65 8,205,879 Sheet conveyance apparatus having skew conveyance mechanism with sheet deforming unit and image forming apparatus including the same
66 8,205,868 Inspection apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
67 8,205,867 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 8,205,655 Vibration welding apparatus
69 8,205,646 Powder filling apparatus, powder filling method and process cartridge