Canon patents granted on 26 November 2013

47 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,595,825 Image processing apparatus, processing flow control method, image forming system, and storage medium
2 8,595,745 Job-process swapping between multiple storage devices based on the most recently executed type of a process and historical execution count among plural types of processes
3 8,595,727 Job processing apparatus, job processing apparatus control method, and storage medium
4 8,595,539 Display apparatus for automatically adjusting quantization clock phase according to different threshold values in a display apparatus
5 8,595,530 Information processing apparatus and control method of information processing apparatus
6 8,594,553 Cleaning blade for electrophotographic apparatus, and method for producing the same
7 8,594,552 Blade for electrophotographic apparatus, and process for manufacturing the same
8 8,594,546 Image forming apparatus
9 8,594,534 Corona discharger and image forming apparatus
10 8,594,533 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
11 8,594,527 Process cartridge having toner scatter preventing sheet and photoelectrographic image forming apparatus
12 8,594,525 Image forming apparatus
13 8,594,522 Image forming apparatus capable of controlling printing interruption, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
14 8,594,517 Color image forming apparatus having function of obtaining color information of patch
15 8,594,449 MPEG noise reduction
16 8,594,433 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
17 8,594,432 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
18 8,594,196 Spatial Wyner Ziv coding
19 8,593,741 Optical system and image pickup apparatus using the same
20 8,593,736 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
21 8,593,694 Image processing apparatus and its method
22 8,593,683 Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus control method and storage medium capable of reading an image of a document to be conveyed and making skew feed correction
23 8,593,681 Image forming apparatus that determines whether or not a total toner amount and a density of a color toner satisfies a print condition and, in a case where the total toner amount has been determined not to satisfy the print condition, adjusts the total toner amount so as to satisfy the print condition, image forming method therefor, and storage medium including the same
24 8,593,674 Method and apparatus for estimating file size before transmission of image data
25 8,593,665 Image forming system and information processing apparatus
26 8,593,663 Image forming apparatus for storing and processing electronic documents and image data, data processing method, and storage medium thereof
27 8,593,661 Image output apparatus including transmission units, image output apparatus control method, program, electronic document management system
28 8,593,650 Printer and method for detecting movement of object
29 8,593,615 Height measurement apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
30 8,593,577 Image pickup apparatus and control method for image pickup apparatus, image display apparatus and control method for image display apparatus, and recording medium
31 8,593,559 Reproducing apparatus, image data reproducing method, program, and storage medium
32 8,593,549 Image capture apparatus
33 8,593,547 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and image processing method
34 8,593,539 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for performance white balance processing
35 8,593,537 Image sensing apparatus, control method thereof, and program for suppressing image deterioration caused by foreign substance
36 8,593,533 Image processing apparatus, image-pickup apparatus, and image processing method
37 8,593,495 Image forming apparatus that forms image by scanning photosensitive member with multiple beams
38 8,592,815 Light emitting display apparatus
39 8,592,774 Radiographic apparatus
40 8,592,726 Image heating apparatus and heater used in the apparatus
41 8,592,012 Recording medium
42 8,592,011 Ink jet recording medium
43 8,591,813 Reaction cartridge, reaction apparatus and method of moving solution in reaction cartridge
44 8,591,029 Imaging device and imaging method
45 8,591,028 Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus and photographing method therefor
46 8,591,012 Liquid ejection apparatus
47 8,591,007 Ink jet recording head and method of producing the same