Canon patents granted on 26 October 2010

39 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 D626,173 Ink cartridge for printer
2 7,822,409 Remote control system, remote control apparatus, remote control method, program for implementing the method, and electronic apparatus
3 7,822,372 Developer supply container
4 7,822,367 Image forming apparatus, cartridge, storage device and developer supplying method
5 7,822,365 Image forming apparatus
6 7,822,332 Imaging apparatus and lens apparatus
7 7,822,296 Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method therefor
8 7,822,295 Image processing apparatus, image searching method, and program
9 7,822,282 Moving image coding apparatus, moving image decoding apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
10 7,822,281 Digital video compression
11 7,821,894 Method and apparatus for recording information onto and reproducing information from a recording medium and managing a defective area in a recording medium
12 7,821,756 Power supply apparatus, power supply apparatus control method
13 7,821,726 Optical element positioning apparatus, projection optical system and exposure apparatus
14 7,821,663 Image supply device, control method of the device, and printing system
15 7,821,662 Information processing apparatus and job processing apparatus
16 7,821,656 Method of drawing images using a dynamic reconfigurable processor, circuit therefor and image output control apparatus
17 7,821,648 Measurement method, a measurement apparatus, and a computer-readable recording medium
18 7,821,617 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
19 7,821,567 Focus position detection apparatus and method
20 7,821,563 Image processor and control method
21 7,821,561 Display apparatus with camera and communication apparatus
22 7,821,559 Photoelectric conversion apparatus provided with arrangement of plurality of pixels each having plurality of photoelectric conversion devices and accumulating unit for temporarily accumulating charges accumulated in plurality of photoelectric conversion devices
23 7,821,551 Solid-state image pickup device with an analog memory and an offset removing unit
24 7,821,549 Image processing apparatus that allows a user to flexibly set or change creating conditions of a new folder and related control method
25 7,821,547 Image sensing apparatus that use sensors capable of carrying out XY addressing type scanning and driving control method
26 7,821,537 Signal processing apparatus
27 7,821,536 Information processing apparatus, data storage device, data transfer system and data transfer method, program and recording medium
28 7,821,535 Information processing method and apparatus
29 7,821,526 Image forming apparatus
30 7,821,475 Image display apparatus
31 7,821,191 Field emission display
32 7,821,190 Image display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
33 7,821,121 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
34 7,821,105 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
35 7,820,478 Light-emitting device
36 7,819,718 Electronic device having catalyst used to form carbon fiber according to Raman spectrum characteristics
37 7,819,653 Light transmissive stamper
38 7,819,497 Ink jet printing apparatus and method for selecting print mode
39 7,819,493 Element board for printhead, and printhead having the same